May 12, 2021

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Maori proposal and close of date to Treaty claims

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Tena Kotou Katoa my Maori Brothers and Sisters of Aotearoa.

I have attached a copy of what I have sent to my Kaumatua’s and Rangatira of Nga Puhi and  Ngati Hine and am waiting to see if they will support me and see if my proposal is a option they can help me to present to all  Runanga Iwis of Aotearoa.

I have been watching the government doing their own thing with out Maori consent.

It really covers what rights we have clearly as the principle Tangata whenua of the Treaty and what they are doing is not lawful.
Please excuse my Te Reo Pakeha as I am trying to learn our mother tongue.

I have also attached a copy of the letter that was sent to the crown in 2004 by Native Chief Assessor of Aotearoa, Hohepa Mapira who had passed away.

My main concern is that cabinet set the close of date for 2008 September  which Maori could claim only prior to 1999 . You will see under the Te Ture Whenua Act and the letter from the Assessor the government are to have Maori consent before they can decide themselfs to make a close of date. I have attached information from Tepuni Kokiri general information how the cabinet arrived at a close of date. Do you really think this is fair what if this government of the crown break the treaty in the future we dont have a leg to stand on. The is our founding document did any one claim on the government not getting authorisation from the crown in making a court and laws without notifying the crown as was stated in the Assessor letter? They dont have the right unless the Tangata Whenua agree? we are the principle people of the crown. They are agreeing to all their breaches of the past. We should have more of a right to have it approved by us not them they are the ones that did not honour it not us. If it was us we would had the treaty cancelled and null and void like any other contract.

I disagree with the close of date for reason in my attachment and also because there are more to come after the 1999 such as the super city not protecting Ngati Whatua, Tainui, Ngati Paoa of there Taonga and the land of Tamaki Makaurau is Taonga. They are now drilling in Tamaki which is a breach of the treaty they have not got consent from local Iwi.

My proposal is not to be display to the general public as I would like to pursue this the correct way with firstly the support of my own Iwi Ngati Hine and if so then present it to all. Some Iwi have a copy but I cannot go about it unless my Leaders are behind me.

Wouldnt it be interesting to see what Maori thought of what I see as a set up by government to tie us up down the track when they will break more of the treaty as they are going for it now with the super city.

Do they under the treaty really have the decision to give us all a close of date or was it a big set up that they caught us all out because of the big money they are compensating are we blinded by that or am I just dreaming this. Under the Treaty we have to agree yes sure we can agree to settle the claim that we are being compensated for their breach but not the close of date.

This is like putting a close of date to any future law breakers or any future human right claims for affences against the law. Can I get some help from someone I am wide awake. Please give me a chance to have my say and let Maori know its a big set up!!!!!!!!
Im am interested to hear your Iwi comments regarding what I have attached. Please excuse me for not using Te reo.
I am trying to learn as I have just become well aware of the massive task we as Maori are up against.
Please keep it confidential as Iam not authorised by our Iwi to really put it out there.
please let me know what you think of what I have to offer.

Mauri Ora
Te Whata Kopa
246 Great South Road

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