May 6, 2021

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Maori University staff shortages coming

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Moves are afoot to combat likely future staffing shortages at universities, caused by academic staff retiring.

Universities say it is an urgent problem.Te Puna Tautoko

Planning is now under way to prevent staffing shortages as traditional sources for academic staff dry up at the same time as a large proportion of the workforce retires.

The eight universities shared concerns that as New Zealand moved towards 2020, universities would face significant difficulties in maintaining an effective and efficient academic workforce, Academic Workforce Planning – Towards 2020 (AWP-2020) steering committee chairman Kevin Seales said today.

These concerns were at the heart of the project as the traditional off-shore sources of academic staff were decreasing and New Zealand staff were also attracted into other sectors as well as offshore, Mr Seales said.

“During this same period, members of the existing academic workforce will be retiring at a higher rate than ever before experienced.

“Due to the changing demographic profile in New Zealand it is also expected that this workforce will need to include a significantly greater proportion of Maori and Pacific peoples than at present.”

The overall aim was to develop a plan that quantified the supply of and demand for academic staffing, and identified strategies to address any issues towards 2020, Mr Seales said.

The AWP-2020 was a collaborative project across the universities, and was funded by the Tertiary Education Commission.

These pictures are of Te Puna Tautoko.  Te Puna Tautoko is a network of specialist support staff from across the University. Our main objective is to ‘tautoko’, to ensure that Māori students get the most out of there time here at the University.  For more information, click here.

1 thought on “Maori University staff shortages coming

  1. Let the buggars retire!! And those are NOT our universities! Those are CROWN learning institutions of the RACIST COLONISERS! How we dveloped our LEADERS was through the 3 main mahi ringa ringa:
    1. Tohunga Whakairo – Carvers
    2. Tohunga Raranga – Weavers
    3. Tohunga Korowai – Maori Cloalmakers – NAVIGATORS
    We need to PROMOTE & TEACH how Maori advandced themselves its more important than ever and more relevent to the times & future.
    We were NEVER a MINING culture to cut down MASS LOGGING of trees forprocessing to paper for writing on. We were to speak on our whakapapa whenua and practise at gathered hui sharing, taking turns speaking verbally to build up confidence.

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