May 15, 2021

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“Moa’s Ark Revisited” – Kia ora mai David Bellamy

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David Bellamy

David Bellamy
David Bellamy

Welcome back to Aotearoa David Bellamy!!

It is hard to think of any person on this planet who has done more to promote the taonga (treasure) that is our homeland Aotearoa NZ, so it is with great aroha and our deepest respect that we welcome this tall totara back on his “Moa’s Ark Revisited” tour in September 2009.

If anyone does not know what we mean by this, then get your friends and family together, turn off the TV station and instead view the four 50 minute episodes of his “Moa’s Ark” Downloadable Video here

Thanks to DOC and Air New Zealand for getting David back for the Whirinaki 25 celebrations. David was a key influencer in the revolt against state milling of the spectacular Whirinaki Rainforest. It remains today as one of his favourate places on our planet.

Read what he says in “Seven Decades of Destruction – the value of old growth forest”: balancing the cycles of our Living World.
With his help, that is what our Kura (School) in Whirinaki Rainforest is using its weatherstation to research, understand and share.

At the start of the Whirinaki Kaitiakitanga program and network in 2003, David was asked if he would be its patron, and in this capacity we are privileged to have him extend his time in NZ to share with other places on our network. We expect this will be a “report card” on how well we are treasuring and safeguarding our place, culture, and values.

David is always challenging. He loves working with young people (see Some Things Must Change video), making nature fun, helping us face the issues and take positive action. Try to get to the events near you.

Matua David arrived in Tamaki Ma Kau Rau yesterday and was driven by DOC down to the Bay of Plenty today (Tuesday 1st), then filming in Whirinaki Wednesday.

From Fri to Sun 4-6 Sept, David will be Guest of Honour Whirinaki Rainforest Celebrations.

This is an awesome opportunity to meet a man many of us grew up listening to, learning from and loving nature and our role within, especially her in Aotearoa and most especially, in the beautiful Whirinaki Forests.

The full programme for Moa’s Ark revisted is here:

And many thanks to Peter Goldsbury for this panui.  Choice one~

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