May 16, 2021

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Petition: Make the wrong, right! Return Hawaii

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Take back Hawaiian lands!

We are going to sue the US!


In a recent US Supreme Court case, the State of Hawaii made the fraudulent claim of “Perfect Title” to what it calls the “Ceded Lands.” But the truth is, these are stolen lands and the state has no title “perfect” or otherwise.

The state’s big lie in open court (and the court’s acceptance of that lie), has opened the door for us — the rightful heirs — to sue to take back the national lands of the Hawaiian Kingdom.The Aloha Revolution

As the rightful heirs, today’s subjects of the Hawaiian Kingdom are preparing to sue the State of Hawaii and the US for illegal possession of Hawaii’s lands and other assets, and for depriving Hawaiians of the use of these lands for the past 116 years

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