May 18, 2021

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Swine Flu Information Hui for Maori Communities

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The Maori Health Directorate of the Ministry of Health is holding a series of information Hui around the country to discuss the impact of novel influenza H1N1 09 swine flu on Maori communities.

Teresa Wall, Deputy Director General of the Maori Health Directorate is eager to discuss with these communities how they have managed with the recent influenza pandemic.

I am particularly interested in seeing how marae have managed their day to day activities, like Hui or Tangi, during the swine flu influenza pandemic.

While the Health sector responded very well to the Pandemic, we want to be assured that the most vulnerable populations were kept well informed. We can only really learn where our efforts worked and where they didn’t, by getting out and asking our communities how they have fared during the course of the pandemic response.

We are also keen to ensure our communities are aware of the threat of a second wave essentially are emergence of the virus. Experts both here and overseas believe that based on past pandemics, it is prudent that the health sector plan for this eventuality.

The road show is a collaborative exercise with Te Puni Kokiri, utilising their networks for hosting the road shows and disseminating information.

Te Puni Kokiri has been vital in this process. We have been able to make the most of their regional offices to get into the regional heartland of New Zealand. This guarantees that all our small communities are as well informed and have access to Ministry of Health services like people in major centres said Ms Wall. I believe this is a great model for interdepartmental collaboration.

The round of Hui starts in Auckland next week at the Papakura Marae Hunua Rd from 11am to 1pm   Wednesday 16th September.  A second Auckland Hui will be held on the Te Mahurehure Marae on Friday 18 September from 11 – 1pm.

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