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Te Reo Maori & Broadcasting Hui, Nationwide, Sept 2009

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The major task of the day is help us discover views and ideas around the following two questions;

  1. How might Maori language broadcasting best help Maori New Zealanders acquire Maori language skills and improve the quality of their use of Te Reo Maori?
  2. How might Maori language broadcasting best assist Maori New Zealanders to speak Te Reo Maori more often and in more places?

We will use a Participative Action Research method called Consensus Cardsort. First we will get your individual responses to these questions. Then, within teams comprised of other participants, we will enable you to discuss the ideas that have been generated and to cluster and summarise them. This will provide us with the data we seek, but it may also provide you with some ideas and desire for action locally.

Right at the beginning of the process we will ask you to give your informed consent to your participation in the research programme and we will ask you to fill in a questionnaire. Lunch will be provided and refreshments and snacks will be available at breaks.

10.00 am
Welcome the People
10.30 am
Explanation of the process Signing of Research Consent Form
10.50 am
Registration form and Questionnaire
11.00 am
11.15 am
Team Icebreaker Exercise
11.45 am
First Question Consensus Cardsort
12.45 pm
1.30 pm
Second Question Consensus Cardsort
2.30 pm
3.45 pm
4.00 pm
Conclusion of event

Dates of the hui:

  • 22 September 2009 at Te Kuratini Marae Massey University Campus, Mt. Cook Wellington. Reply by 20September.
  • 24 September 2009 at Te Noho Kotahitanga Marae Unitec NZ Campus Mt Albert Auckland. Reply by 22 September.
  • 29 September 2009 at Te Ara Tawhaki Marae EIT Campus Taradale
  • Hawkes Bay. Reply by 27 September.

Register with Matthew Mullany [email protected] (0275533409)
or Denis O’Reilly [email protected] (0274459850)

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