May 15, 2021

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Tuhoe Grid Iron, you keen?

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Have you ever wanted to play Grid Iron? Do you like physical contact? Are you a strategist? Are you Tuhoe? Do you live near Rotorua?

My name is Paul Morris and I have played Grid Iron at a senior level for 14 years. I want to start a local Tuhoe team. Why Tuhoe? Because Tuhoe men have lots of potential in their physique and natural talents for strategy.

I live in Rotorua and would like to teach a team in and around the Bay of Plenty region.

Talent scouts do come here looking for players. Kai Tahu’s Ricki Ellison has three super bowl rings i.e. has won three finals of NFL in the USA playing for champion team the 49ers. Click here

David Dixon walked out of a picture theatre in Auckland, and was spotted by a talent scout and now plays in the NFL in the USA.  Click here

If American Football is you please email Paul Morris or ph 027 774 0735

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