May 18, 2021

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Introducing: Stan Walker

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Kia ora whanau

If you’ve been watching AUSTRALIAN IDOL, then this Maori brother needs no introduction.

Stan took the stage and millions of viewers have been awed by his good looks, strong singing style and humble stage presence. At the moment, we are in the final rounds of Australian Idol, with Stan impressing at every turn. Although Stan lives in Australia he holds Te Ao Maori close to his heart. Mean brotha~

Stan WalkerWe have selected this video of his rendition of Hallelujah~

Good luck brother – you have an amazing talent, are mean as humble and we here at hope you WIN!!!

8 thoughts on “Introducing: Stan Walker

  1. Stan came 2 our school and sang 2 an a inportant person at our school his song was he kakano ahau

  2. Stan is a part of the success story of our people ,& he has done it on a forum for the world to see, awesome my maori

  3. as an Australian who grew up in nz and produced two kiwis, it has been truely amazing to watch stan. He is a great talent and our family wishes him a long career.

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