May 8, 2021

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Invitational Primary and Secondary Schools Rugby League Tournament, 25 Nov

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Te Taniwha Youth Charitable Trust Presents

Invitational Primary and Secondary Schools Rugby League Tournament

Venue to be confirmed.

  • Wednesday 25th November Form 1 – 2 (Year 7 8)
  • Boys and girls Thursday 26th November Form 3 and 4 (Year 9 10) Boys and girls


  • 20 min halves straight swap over
  • no conversions.
  • unlimited substitution
  • schools can join together
  • clubs welcome
  • First 12 schools in each category only
  • 4 Pools 3 Teams in each pool
  • round robyn play
  • each Pool ranked first second and third
  • 1st ranked Championship Grade
  • 2nd Shield
  • 3rd Bowl
  • Three Trophies Cost per team is $60.00 gauranteed 4 games at least.

Accommodation Available.
This is not a money making tournament.
All monies will pay for Trophies fields Refs Lunch Dinner.

Contact & Registrations

For any enquiries please email me or phone me. Entries close 20th November.
Te Kawe Ratu
12 Cranbrook Pl Hamilton
Work : (07) 8289013
Home : (07) 8546864
Email : [email protected]

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