May 13, 2021

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Invitational Rugby League Tournament Form 1 – 4 2009

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Kia ora everyone we have a change in date for our league tournament.

Re: Invitational Rugby League Tournament Form 1 – 4 2009

We have been sanctioned by our senior board who are supportive of this initiative to get rugby league out to our kids. We thank them for their support.

Te Taniwha Youth Charitable Trust Presents

Invitational Primary and Secondary Schools Rugby League Tournament

Venue to be confirmed.

Wednesday 25th November Form 1 – 2 (Year 7 8) Boys and girls Thursday 26th November Form 3 and 4 (Year 9 10) Boys and girls

Rules . 20 min halves straight swap over. No conversions. Unlimited substitution . Schools can join together. Clubs welcome.
First 12 schools in each category only. 4 Pools 3 Teams in each pool.
Round robyn play. Each Pool ranked first second and third.
1st ranked Championship Grade . 2nd Shield . 3rd Bowl. Three Trophies Cost per team is $60.00 gauranteed 4 games at least.
Accommodation Available.
Registration form :
School /Club
Contact Person :
Email :
Category :
3/4 th Form Boys: Y/N
3/4 th Form Girls :Y/N
1/2nd Form Boys : Y/N
1/2nd Form Girls : Y/N
Total :
Please pay into ANZ Account 010370-0041483-00 Aotearoa schools.
Don’t forget to put a reference in and email that reference to me.

This is not a money making tournament . All monies will pay for Trophies fields Refs Lunch Dinner.

For any enquiries please email me or phone me. Entries close 20th November.
Te Kawe Ratu
12 Cranbrook Pl Hamilton
Work : (07) 8289013
Home : (07) 8546864
Email : [email protected]

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