May 16, 2021

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Mana Whenua Fund now OPEN!

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Rotorua District Council’s Kaupapa Maori Department is making available again their Mana Whenua Fund from the 20th October to the 4th December 2009.

The Mana Whenua Fund was launched in 2007, so this is our third funding round.

The funding policy targets small or non-financial Maori land trusts (Ahu Whenua, Whenua Topu and Maori Reservations, excluding Marae) located in the Rotorua District.

Applications forms can be picked up from the Rotorua District Council, Rotorua Library and online at or Kaupapa Maori page.

According to Maori Land Court research there are approximately 300 or more Ahu Whenua Trusts in the Rotorua District. Maori multiple land excluding recent treaty settlements is approximately 20 percent of the total land area in the Rotorua District. The Mana Whenua fund was developed to encourage sustainable and appropriate development plannning of unoccupied Maori land. Funding application projects can include:

  • Research and planning for papakainga housing
  • Investigating and facilitating land based business ventures or projects
  • Researching and planning environmental and/or bio-diversity projects
  • Identifying and planning land based community, cultural, social, environmental and/or economic projects
  • Planning and facilitating preservation, beautification and/or enhancement of significant ites, waahi tapu etc

The policy enables Council to provide practical and technical knowledge to Maori land owners about what they can and can’t do with their land, as it relates to the District Plan and other relevant Concil policies, strategies and bylaws. An important aim of the Mana Whenua Policy is to foster the development of Maori capacity so that they can cotnribute to council decision-making processes as set out in the Local Government Act 02 Section 81. The funding policy contributes to meeting some of Council’s Community Cutcomes and Ten year plan activities whereby funding has been allocated over the next three years.

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