May 10, 2021

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Te Ahukaramu Charles Royal discusses a New Vision for Matauranga Maori (VIDEO)

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Te Ahukaramu Charles Royal recently completed a research project entitled Te Kaimanga: Towards a New Vision for Matauranga Maori. This project was funded by the Foundation of Research, Science and Technology in the years 2004 to 2007. The lecture will commence with an overview of this project. Charles will discuss a working definition of maauranga Maori before exploring the contents of matauranga Maori its applications and expressions in history and today. The lecture will also discuss the creative potential of existing matauranga Maori. Charles argues that despite its somewhat fragmentary and disorganised state, matauranga Maori still retains creative potential and given certain conditions is able to make distinctive contributions to our nations life, culture, society and economy.

The body of the lecture will discuss three key ideas which have emerged from the research namely, the movement toward creative potential, a theme of cultural transformation in iwi/Maori communities An example of this movement is conceptualised as the movement through tangata Maori to tangata whenua. The lecture will conclude on the opportunities and challenges of indigenity. The relationship between people and the natural world is an issue that faces all peoples. Indigenity represents a potential response to a range of contemporary issues and problems (climate change, for example) based as it is upon an intimate relationship between people and the natural world. There is fundamental need, Charles argues, to recalibrate humankinds relationship with the earth. A new kind of indigenity represents a potential response to this challenge.

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