May 12, 2021

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Design Competition flop opens the door for Tangata Whenua

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The inability of Auckland politicians and designers to produce a useful design for Queens Wharf opens up to debate what might constitute a development that will both inspire Aucklanders and reflect the true nature of the city, according to Ngati Whatua leader, Naida Glavish.

QueensWharfCShe says it is not surprising the flawed process for the design competition that excluded mana whenua resulted in failure because it in no way reflected the soul and spirit of the city and its natural attributes.

Naida Glavish, who is chair of Te Runanga o Ngati Whatua, says taking heed of the mana whenua relationship to the city and its environments automatically leads to a consideration of representing the soul of the city.

Thats exactly what mana whenua is all about; honouring the spirit of the land and the people and the relationship between the two. A bunch of sheds on a wharf thrown together without any input from local iwi certainly doesnt do that, she says.

Naida Glavish says the inclusion of mana whenua in any design process will assist in propelling the development onto the world stage.

If one is looking for wow factor and something iconic one need look no further than mana whenua. The unique and innovative elements of Maori culture and our success in fields ranging from the arts and design to sports has always been a huge contributor to this country standing out internationally, she says.

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