May 12, 2021

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FoMA Annual Report 2009

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The Federation of Maori Authorities held their AGM recently. The following details organisational highlights. Click further below to access the full AGM report.

Highlights of the Year

  • A new CEO for FoMA in the person of Rino Tirikatene was appointed in February 2009.
  • Fomana Capital Ltds two year contract with FoMA to provide management services was completed.
  • The FoMA Secretariat has made significant progress towards the implementation of improved office systems and processes and the appointment of new personnel, as well as additional fi nancial risk management protocols and processes.
  • FoMA now employs 3.25 FTE and has access to FCL know-how.
  • FoMA has commenced a strategic review of the organisation with a view to positioning FoMA as the leading networker for Maori economic interests.
  • FoMA intends using the membership base as the cornerstone of its advocacy and representation work undertaken on behalf of the economic interests of its members.
  • Members made a significant contribution to major policy issues including
  • Climate Change processes, Freshwater Policy, DOC Commercial Framework, RMA and the Foreshore and Seabed review.
  • FoMA reports a sound financial result for the Year ended 30 June 2009.
  • FoMA made an operating surplus of $282,528 as against a predicted budget deficit of $20,000 due largely to a one-off compensation payment of $266, 667 received from the Crown in settlement of FoMA legal action against Crown.
  • Members equity invested in the Group as at 30 June 2009 was $928,416 (an increase of 39% during the year) and financial contributions of $82,743 were received from members to support the kaupapa of FoMA.

FoMA AGM Report 2009 holds the newly appointed CEO Rino Tirikatene in very high regard and with this rangatira at the helm we are looking forward to continued growth and innovation in terms of vision and strategic goals.

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