May 13, 2021

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Maori Flag to fly on Waitangi Day

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Prime Minister, John Key has announced that a Maori flag will fly alongside the New Zealand flag at Premier House on Waitangi Day next year.

I’m comfortable with the recommendation he’s made but I haven’t taken it to Cabinet yet,” he said.

After much discussion about which flag should be flown on the Auckland Harbour Bridge and other sites, Maori Party co-leader Pita Sharples made the suggestion that it should be a Maori Flag.

Mr Key would not say which Maori flag would be used but indicated it would be flown on more sites than before, including his official residence.

14 thoughts on “Maori Flag to fly on Waitangi Day

  1. …symbols are important ne, and this symbol may lose much of its power by the Crown determining where and under what conditions it will be flown..or at least what the flag stands for will somehow change….are we in such a hurry to take this step?

  2. ae tautoko all the korero. weird they had to legitimate but cool about the selection. do wonder if it will be country wide or specific to tamaki, waitangi; if many will fly nz/tr flag side by side; whether iwi. whanau, hapu, iwi will fly their unique flags too and where the criticisms will emerge from. expect – we are all 1nz to come up – where … Read Moreelse? how do we defend or do we just ignore and get on with it? who owns the tr flag rights? and how should we thank the flag designers and te ata tino toa??

  3. the outcome we seek is that the rope that will tie the Iwi Hapu and Whanau Haki to whichever flagpole will be the same rope that will hang this government when they are found guilty of genocide in the indigenous international court of justice……

  4. well…yeah, if you can ensure that it was self determination that got the flag up there in the first place.

  5. So what does that mean? That we're getting the flag because the prime minister agrees with its meaning, or because someone scratched his back?

  6. Yeh Sina I'm tending your way of thinking too, something happening behind closed doors and it does not feel solid. The foreshore & seabed repeal will reveal a bit more too … notice how quiet it's been on that front.

  7. After the long hard campaign that Te Ata Tino Toa initiated getting the flag flying on Waitangi Day, Keys agreeing to the flag flying on Waitangi day seems little consolation for the Maori party selling out & shafting the environment & Maori workers with the ets. add to that acc, maori unemployment going through the roof. etc, ect instead of being happy bout this my gut feeling is that our symbol of our self determination become co opted by the state.

  8. I would think it should fly at Premier House anyway – even all the time: But is it going to fly on the Harbor Bridge which is another story, and what flag: The Transport Agency who control the Harbor Bridge have flown every other flag bar the Maori Flag, they have way too much power and should be put a stop to that:

  9. So he should, Maori party just gave a big tick to his ETS and made him look good for copenhagen, woulda loved to be a fly on the wall during those negotiations – it's christmas!

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