May 15, 2021

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Maori Labour Market Outcomes (Report)

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The Department of Labour is in the process of preparing a detailed analysis of Maori in the Labour Market. This is the second of the new National Monitoring Series, following on from the Youth in the New Zealand Labour Market report. This report will contains to date labour market data for Maori along with interpretation of the results. This report was made available on 25 October 2009.

Maori Labour Market Outcomes Report
This report on Maori labour market outcomes focuses on changes among Maori in the Labour market over the past five years and gives an indication of near term prospects. The report uses the quarterly Household Labour Force Survey (HLFS) from Statistics New Zealand. This report is no longer produced, as it has been superceded by the Maori in the Labour Market report.

Maori Facts Report
This factsheet provides a regular update of key Maori labour market information. All data are sourced from the Household Labour Force Survey released by Statistics New Zealand.

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