May 16, 2021

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Maori Party considers disciplinary action against MP

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The Maori Party has expressed its concern that MP Hone Harawira’s behaviour in Europe, and a subsequent email that he sent, are serious breaches of the kaupapa and tikanga of the Party.

“Our party sets high standards of integrity for ourselves, based on kaupapa of our tupuna,” said Maori Party President, Professor Winiata.

We expect our members, and especially our MPs as leaders and role models, to demonstrate manaakitanga, rangatiratanga, kaitiakitanga and wairuatanga in all that they do.

Professor Winiata has spoken of the Party’s disappointment with Mr Harawira’s behaviour and his language falling short of expressing the Party’s kaupapa.

“The Party’s constitution sets out a process for handling inappropriate behaviour” said Professor Winiata.

For comment please contact:

  • Retired Judge Heta Hingston, Co-Vice President on
    07-348-0581 or 027-348-0581 (before 8pm)
  • Professor Whatarangi Winiata, President, 06-364-6513
    (after 8pm)

What are your thoughts whanau? Does Hone have it right or should the Maori Party discipline him? Would this have happened if the Maori Party weren’t in a coalition with National?

Facebook comment’s on Mr Harawira’s page suggest he still has staunch support and that whanau aren’t bothered by the trip

We at tautoko his Paris trip – and understand the context of his email comments. On the other hand we also understand the way in which the coalition makes this issue more complex and puts added pressure on the Maori Party to respond in this manner.

How is this different from Rodney Hide scheduling his trip to the UK to coincide with his girlfriend’s brother’s wedding?

Korero mai e hoa ma.

The Maori Party constitution sets out the following:

10.2 Disciplinary action may be brought against a member who:

  • refuses to comply with the Party Constitution;
  • improperly deals with any party funds;
  • in any other way wilfully brings the party or its members into public disrepute.

A serious complaint against a member for any of the above reasons shall first be communicated in writing to the relevant Electorate Council. If it cannot be resolved at this level, it shall be referred to the Disciplinary and Disputes Committee of the National Council who shall act swiftly and with discretion to seek resolution of the matter; and that the dispute is resolved on the basis of the kaupapa of the Party.

10.4 The Disciplinary and Disputes Committee of the National Council shall:

  • Be elected by National Council
  • Take office for three years only as per clause 4.2 but may be elected for a second term
  • Be chaired by one of the Co-Presidents
  • Meet as required and deemed by the Co-President
  • Not exceed five members
  • Declare any conflicts of interest at the start of any meetings
  • Any vacancy that arises shall be filled by a National Council representative elected by a majority of the national council
  • The quorum shall be three including the Co-President or nominated Chair
  • Nominate a new chair should the Co-President declare a conflict of interest
  • Direct the Co-President to vacate the chair in the event that a complaint is leveled at that Co-President
  • All resolutions shall be reported to the National Council
  • All complainants shall be advised of the outcomes

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2 thoughts on “Maori Party considers disciplinary action against MP

  1. Agree, easy to criticise but we all know it's not easy – to be honest Hilda no doubt deserved the treat. But Hone does need to be careful about consequences. Privately, I absolutely love to see the rebel come out at this level. His uncensored comments about pakeha are true, he is being honest when he speaks – something that most politicians can't seem to do.

  2. Strikes me that Hone's outburst is a result of some growing tensions between grass-roots supporters and leaders. Yes, sitting with (in) government has got to be a good thing. Yes some possible movement on the foreshore and seabed issue is great. But at what cost? Maori services run by Maori have taken a bashing under this govt, not to mention the … Read Moreenvironment issue, Auckland seats etc. To me Hone playing the rebel is just a symptom of some underlying tension. Hope this does not split the Maori Party, but the leaders have to be a bit more responsive to grass-roots issues (although I wouldn't want to walk the particular tight rope they have found themselves placed upon). just a thought.

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