May 12, 2021

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Rahui declared on Ninety Mile Beach

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Te Rarawa has declared a rahui on the gathering of kaimoana from the southern end of Te Oneroa a Tohe or Ninety Mile Beach.

Patau Tepania from Ahipara’s Komiti Patu Kaimoana says there has been a serious decline in shellfish, particularly paua, along the coast by Tauroa Point.

Mr Tepania told Waatea News that fishing and the gathering of shellfish will be banned for six months, covering the holiday period when the resource usually comes under heavy pressure.

“Local hapu (and) whanau who are around there all the time just ask people or explain to people that this area is closed,” he says.

“We have also nominated two honorary fisheries kaitiake I suppose you could say, not so much rangers, and the Ministry of Fisheries has come on board as well and helped with what we’re doing within this rahui.”

Patau Tepania says the rahui will be closely watched by other hapu in the region.

Swimming will still be allowed in the rahui area.

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