May 14, 2021

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Tame Iti to help broker a truce

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Maori activist Tame Iti and Tribesmen gang leader Peter Hunt are to help broker a gang truce in Murupara. Mr Iti was involved in resolving conflict between gangs in Ruatoki several years ago. The push for peace comes as a trial date was yesterday set for October next year for nine Mongrel Mob members jointly charged with the murder of 16-year-old Jordan Herewini, run over in his backyard during a gang fight in Murupara in January.

On October 3, 17-year-old Kaine Lewis was found beaten in a driveway. He died a short time later. The deaths have sparked community outrage and protests and a rahui on gang violence.

Murupara community leader Pem Bird said Peter Hunt was making an “emphatic commitment to a truce” with the Mongrel Mob. Although he would help, Mr Hunt said he did not support a ban on gang colours and patches in the town.

We’re not behind any rahui but we’re going through ceasefire negotiations at the moment. That seems to be what the people want. We’re not decided what we want to do yet. We’re just letting the people say what they want. We’ve got our own whakaaro of what we think should happen but we’re not telling anyone yet. But there will be peace at the end of the day.”

TribesmanFMr Bird, the Te Ha O Te Ora chairman, said the Tribesmen’s involvement was a “big breakthrough”.

“This will relieve the tension and anxiety over the threat of retaliation and allow us some time to focus on a similar result with the Mongrel Mob.”

Mr Bird said the rahui had been endorsed by seven Bay of Plenty iwi.

“The move by the president of the Tribesmen is cause for much hope and optimism for an eventual permanent peace pact based on tikanga Maori, the ultimate goal. In the meantime, meetings with the Mongrel Mob are continuing with external mediation a real possibility,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr Iti has also offered the support of Tuhoe Hauora, an Eastern Bay health agency he is involved with.

We will jump at the opportunity to take his advice and guidance following a meeting with him. He has a reputation second to none in bringing peace to gangs in Ruatoki who once upon a time were at one another’s throats,” Mr Bird said.

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Source: Daily Post

6 thoughts on “Tame Iti to help broker a truce

  1. You want to know the truth? Jordan's 'whanau' didn't give a shit about him. I'm the only one who loved him and really cared about him and rightly so. I'm his mother. It's me and his little sister who still suffer – and will do so until our end. People have the wrong story.

    No-one else is on their knees with grief and despair every day, gutted to the absolute core at the thought of what Jordan went through and what he's lost. Whanau isn't all it's cracked up to be. I'm sick of it being romanticized, along with the 'community', and I'm sick of being patronized. I'm not fucking dumb.

  2. Nga mihi Natalie. ae, tautoko, thanks for you kind works… I guess what Nikolasa was trying to say is that we all need to take responsibility for this issues – it's about all of us contributing to making this world a better place… Wishing you well and sending all our love to the whanau. Ka aroha.

  3. To the comment from Nikolasa – no, you didn't fail my son. I wasn't talking to you. My comments at the time were directed at certain people. My korero wasn't for this page only – it was right across all websites and reportage. So it was nothing personal.

  4. You all failed my son. I would curse you all – if I believed in it. No forgiveness and 'aroha' here. Te Ao Maori, Jordan's so called whanau (brothers don't endanger their little brothers) in Murupara, the government, the 'system', the tribesman, me – everyone. Complete failure. What an utter waste of a beautiful life. I love you Jordan. I wish I could have taken you away from everything and provided you with a different life that would see you flourish instead of being MURDERED. From Jordan's Mum.

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