May 18, 2021

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Harawene Tribute erected

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Harawene Forever

The Bronze Statue of Rotorua icon, Harawene, was being fitted onto her new roadside placement today. When Harawene the Dog disappeared from sight in early 2008, many locals were saddened to think that she was gone forever.

Harawene was an iconic Rotorua figure who lived on the side of Te Ngae Road for as 15 years. The Terrier was often seen walking along the busy road, never too keen to be close to the thousands who visited over the many years.

HaraweneTIt was said that the Rotorua SPCA received 5 calls a week from concerned residents. What started out as a moody stray turned into a silent companion to many thousands who passed by.

Local sculptor, Trevor Nathan (Tangata Whenua), was out with tools on Te Ngae Road this morning, placing the foundation rock across from the Robinson Ave Oyster Shop (soon to be Eastside McDonalds)/Te Ngae Rd and was preparing to fix the local legend back into her regular place. Trevor said he had been getting lots of toots as cars went by, everyone recognising the familiar outline of Harawene.

Detractors have said she was “just a dog” but the compassion that emerged from the community was inspiring, for 15 years complete strangers cared for her, fed her and created a place out of the rain for her for only her benefit. That and her endearing personality, clearly a free spirit has meant that even today you will see both individuals and whanau paying their respects to the place she once called home.

At this stage, there are no details of the official unveiling but we hope to bring you updated information as they come to hand.

Harawene Forever…


Tributes flooded in as word of Harawene’s demise spread

For 15 years Rotorua dog Harawene has lived on the side of Te Ngae Rd, Harawene, believed to be a terrier cross, ran away when she came to Rotorua with her Tokoroa family about 15 years ago.

She lived on the side of Te Ngae Rd, near the intersection of Robinson Ave, ever since, running away from anyone who has tried to get close.

It’s not known how old Harawene was, but SPCA manager Nicola Martin said terrier cross dogs could live up to 20 years if they were well looked after.

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