May 18, 2021

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Hori 3.0: Resolutions

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Morena! Morena!

So, in the future parts of the World (like Aotearoa, Tonga, Samoa, Niue and Australia) the countdown to New Years has begun. In that case I won’t keep you too long.

Resolutions…easy to say, fun to think about, yet really difficult to action beyond new years morning/afternoon.

OprhaFitter, leaner, more committed, more dedicated, better than last year. Resolutions all have that ring of optimism alongside that Oprah-ness of “you can do it”. I know cos I make resolutions every year in the hope I can control everything that happens in my life for the next year, 52 weeks, 365 days.

Now, most times it is just a way to trick the mind to think about improving and at worse, a promise to be a better man despite the crazy randomness of life.

Anyway, I’m going to succumb to the hopeful bones in my body and state My Top 10 Resolutions for 20/10, now, even though I’m in California and our new years is still 27 hours away. They are:

10: To exercise away all this food that has my butt dragging like an overburdened backpack;

9: To cry when I see the Maori/Tino Rangatiratanga Flag fly high on the Auckland Harbour Bridge on Waitangi Day;tinoC

8: To celebrate when I’m attending the Kapa Haka Regionals around the country (especially the Te Arawa & Mataatua Regionals!!);

7: To have spectrum recognised as taonga by the Government and equally, to have Maori participate more fully in this digital multiverse;

6: To do more good and less evil (just like Google and their “Do no evil” kaupapa)

5: To be hard out focused on the kaupapa but also to know when to be mean as fun with whanau and friends;Bubbas

4: To build an awesome whanau business around WIMAX in Rotorua and to help support other whanau throughout nga motu who are doing the same;

3: To tirelessly work alongside our crew and to assist with awesome te reo kaupapa mahi like Google Aotearoa;

Mama Bubbas2: To learn how to create and cook kai that all whanau love and appreciate (like frybread – mum, I am now ready to learn our secret whanau recipe;

1: To be a loving husband, father, brother, son, nephew and moko as best as I can be.

Now, those are my resolutions. What are yours??

Happy New Year for 20/10 and we will definitely korero more soon.

6 thoughts on “Hori 3.0: Resolutions

  1. pai rawa atu. the key is don't jump in at the deep end, start small and commit to that. unfurl resolutions rather than trying to do everything all at once. many try to change their lives in january so look for support. also make those changes as a group – peer support helps everytime. and dont give up, no matter what your resolution is. kia kaha koutou.

  2. kia kaha koe .. them are tino pai resolutions. I too shall cry with you when our flag flies on Waitangi Day.

  3. awwe.. kia kaha koe .. them are tino pai resolutions. I too shall cry with you when our flag flies on Waitangi Day.

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