May 11, 2021

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Indigenous Problem Gambling Symposium, Rotorua, 15-17 Feb 2010

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The Inaugural International Indigenous Problem Gambling Symposium “Practice, Research and Knowledge Gathering” is to be hosted by Te Herenga Waka o Te Ora Whanau Trust. It will take place between 15-17 February 2010 at the ancestral meeting house Tamatekapua Marae, Rotorua, New Zealand.

It will focus on traditional concepts, values, ideals, models and strategies for sustaining balanced and healthy relationships within and across families, communities, nations, nation-states, local, regional and global borders, territories and environments.

This Indigenous Symposium will be an opportunity to share what has been learnt from diverse experiences from around the world about how gambling has been incorporated into government initiatives and the impacts of this on indigenous peoples, comments Denis McLeod Chair of Te Herenga Waka.

The Indigenous Symposium will provide opportunities to discuss strategies for sustaining relationships between gambling providers, for resolving the impacts of gambling within M?ori and indigenous communities to restore balance and mana, particularly for those wh?nau members who have been affected.

We are looking forward to some exciting exchange of knowledge. The Symposium will have community workshops and satellite meetings to enable us to bring together in dialogue a wide range of participants, voices and frameworks for understanding how indigenous people relate to problem gambling issues in their communities, Denis McLeod said. For more information and to register to attend, please see our website

For more press information contact Event Manager:

Dr Laurie Morrison (Ngati Whakaue / Te Arawa)
+64 (0) 7 348 3493
+64 (0) 272 595 665
[email protected]

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