May 18, 2021

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Maori Patients for W.O.F. Health Check

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W.O.F (Warrant of Fitness) is a Maori health and wellbeing show on Maori Television. It is in it’s 6th series.

They are looking for 2 Maori speakers to be patients for an episode.

The episode will be an adultpreventative health check covering all the areas that we should be keeping an eye on as a way of insuring

  1. good health
  2. a good relationship with your GP

The presenter who is also a doctor will talk to the patients before, during and after and get an idea of who they are and their thoughts on their health. It might be interesting to see how well they actually know their bodies?

This isn’t a show to pick on people though. This is a positive show about being proactive and the 2 patients will help show the tests and things we should be doing.

Tests will be filmed as well as patients in their workplace or at their whare. This will help get an idea of who they are. Of course only if this suits all those involved. The hope is that this will take place inthe 2nd week in January 2010. Itmay take a whole day.

Patients can be any shape or size as it’s important that all people are keeping an eye on their health.

The only requirement is that they are keen and can korero Maori.

Any one who is interested can contact Marcia Aperahama on 09 3032330 or by email [email protected]

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