May 12, 2021

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Maori Unite Nationally for Genuine Manawhenua Representation

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Support for Maori seats in Aucklands’ new Supercity structure continues to expand. A hui attended by 200 Manawhenua, national Iwi and urban Maori leaders concluded last night with the release of a Declaration that pledges ongoing support to the manawhenua of the Auckland Supercity for dedicated seats.

The hui entitled Local Government and Maori Beyond the Supercity ko tehea te huarahi tika?‘ was addressed by Maori Party Co-leader Pita Sharples who came to explain the intent behind the newly announced independent statutory board.

The board proposal was castigated as a cap on genuine participation and therefore a backward step for the health of democracy in the future Supercity. Dr Pita Sharples then gave an assurance that a unified response within Maoridom to the upcoming 3rd Reading of the Supercity Bill would be taken seriously by the Party.

IHI Action group were responsible for organising the Hui and observe that the Hui Declaration reflects the understanding of Maori leadership nationally, that what happens in Auckland will be a template for the rest of the country. Spokespersons Helen Te Hira and Rau Hoskin say that the Hui has reinforced the determination of Maori to support the legitimate right of the manawhenua of Tamaki/Auckland to have reserved seats as recommended by the Royal Commission and supported by 80% of public submissions on the Supercity.

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