May 12, 2021

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To what extent are Maori studying ICT: The Policy Implementation Gap?

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Abstract: Maori are studying ICT at a disproportionate rate. Maori make up 15% of the New Zealand population yet Maori school leavers are trailing the success tables and despite the advent of the Wananga, Maori tertiary students (aged 18 to 24) are declining (Social Report, 2007). Recent government reports are also identifying Maori as having a low level of involvement in ICT (NZ Government Executive, 2000). With the approval of CPITs Kaiarahi, this paper examines the current literature on this issue. It also examines the responsibilities under the Treaty of Waitangi, gives a brief overview and analysis of the government policies and strategies involved, and looks at how these responsibilities, policies and strategies are working in practice. Finally this paper suggests the need for in-depth collaborative applied research both at a local and a national level.

Keywords: Maori education, Maori ICT education, computing education

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