May 12, 2021

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Prince William gets to have a hangi!

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Prince William’s three-day New Zealand visit begins next Sunday (24 Jan) and will be documented on Bebo and Facebook. His tour will includes a visit to Eden Park, taking a sail on the Hauraki Gulf, and having a hangi with the whanau. William will then head to Australia.

UK media (the Daily Star) has paid particular attention to the “Maori barbie” aka hangi that the Prince will be attending saying:

William is to be guest of honour at a traditional Maori barbie or hangi later this month, where the food is cooked in a hole in the ground. And the prince will have to swallow every single mouthful or he will risk offending the tattooed, warlike Maori chiefs. William is set to be served the Titi bird the fatty chicks of the storm-petrel and one of the countrys traditional delicacies. But even fans describe it as an acquired taste and one diner said: It tastes like a salted oil sump wrapped up in fat. If he can keep a mouthful down hell do very well.

Diplomatic William, 27, will also be expected to swallow raw seaweed, kina sea eggs a type of sea urchin and fiery pepper leaves. And he could be asked to try chopped eels and the giant-sized hu-hu grub, served lightly grilled and said to taste of strong, chewy chicken. William will spend nearly a week in New Zealand and Australia in what aides have described as a relaxed, untraditional royal visit. And the prince is packing in no fewer than four outdoor barbies during just five days of engagements. William will be greeted by Maori leaders with a traditional hongi welcome ceremony, where elders will first threaten and then rub noses with the prince.

One source close to the prince said: During his military training, William had to try all sorts of food during his survival tests, so not much fazes him. If he can survive the NAAFI (the Forces canteen), he can survive anything. The trip is important to him because hes representing the Queen.

Prince William has been invited to New Zealand by the Government to represent The Queen at the opening of the new Supreme Court building.

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