May 7, 2021

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Flying the Maori Flag and Waitangi Day 2010

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Flying the Maori Flag and Waitangi Day 2010
Myra and Dallas, posted on Awesome Maori (Facebook)
One month from today our flag flies on the 6th of February.
Maori Flag
At last.
Symbolic acknowledgement as being equal with the Crown.
Of course, we know the journey of being equal and the symbol of it can be worlds apart but it is a step in the right direction.

We have a job to do.

Maori Flag
There has been much debate about the flag(s) and one argument has been Nobody (the world) knows what the Tino Rangatira flag means We have an opportunity to change that from our AWESOME roopu. I hold my breath in anticipation of your support for this kaupapa … here goes …

We are going to stage the first on-line demonstration of unity by flying our Tino Rangatira flag as our profile picture on FB on the 6th of February.

maoriflag3Between now and then we can friend someone from China, India, UK, Europe etc (you may even have that already).
When you fly our flag on Waitangi Day on fb… you give an explanation of the flag on your status.

We are going to show the world who we are so that the statement nobody knows what the Tino Rangatira flag means .. becomes irrelevant.

We do this with love in our hearts, pride in our culture, and to enlighten the world with our presence. We are the Tangata Whenua of Aotearoa.

For those AWESOME members who are not Maori, we welcome your support for this kaupapa too. Enlightenment brings understanding, understanding means better decision making.

Whaia te kotahitanga o te wairua
Ma te rangimarie me to aroha e paihere
(Pursue unity of spirit, which is bound together by peace and aroha).

Explanation of TinoRangatira flag:

tino manawaRangatira is a chief, implies the quality or attributes of chieftainship, In English it embraces self-determination, although many also refer to it as ‘absolute sovereignty’ or M?ori independence. This concept embraces the spiritual link M?ori have with Papatuanuku (Earthmother) and is a part of the international drive by indigenous people for self determination. As such, the unofficial flag is often referred to as the M?ori flag. The flag was designed by Hiraina Marsden, Jan Smith and Linda Munn in 1990.[1]
Many thanks to Myra Mckay for this awesome post. If you want to learn more, please log on to Facebook and join the group Awesome Maori.
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4 thoughts on “Flying the Maori Flag and Waitangi Day 2010

  1. tenei te mihi ki a koutou katoa! pai rawa atu o tenei kaupapa mai te iwi maori katoa. ! tihei Mari ora

  2. Whale Rider .. I stand corrected. You are absolutely right about the ignorance in meaning of the Tino Rangatiratanga flag. I had always thought it was born within the arms of the protest movement .. A little more research on my part reveals that the TR flag was not birthed in “anger” at all but was actually the result of a national competition to find a flag to represent the Maori people.

    “The flag was designed in 1990 by Hiraina Marsden, Jan Smith and Linda Munn, and was the winning design in a national contest to find a “Maori Flag”. It has become largely synonymous with Tino Rangatiratanga.

    Red, white and black are colours with strong Maori heritage.

    BLACK represents Te Korekore (the realm of potential being). It thus symbolises the long darkness from which the earth emerged, as well as signifying Rangi – the heavens, a male, formless, floating, passive force.

    WHITE represents Te Ao Marama (the realm of being and light). It symbolises the physical world, purity, harmony, enlightenment and balance.

    RED represents Te Whei Ao (coming into being). It symbolises Papatuanuku, the earth-mother, the sustainer of all living things, and thus both the land and active forces.

    The spiral-like KORU, symbolic of a curling fern frond, represents the unfolding of new life, hope for the future and the process of renewal.”

    I will eat humble pie graciously with a note to research more carefully next time .. however, still proud to stand under the this symbol and share the kaupapa that sits behind it when it was made and what it has come to mean today.

  3. Tena koe Whale Rider.
    Since the beginning of time, people have risen to unite because things in their world are not right. Ghandi, Sitting Bull, Chinese Uiversity Students – Tianamen Square. Tino Rangatiratanga is not new .. It represents a cry of anger from people who have failed to be heard. This happens all over the world. People who unite to stand against injustice usually fashion a symbol to stand under. Maori protestors chose the Tino Rangatiratanga flag. It was birthed in anger and frustration but the kaupapa can evolve with the times. e.g A bus can carry 100 angry protestors one day and a busload of school children and teachers the next. The vehicle is Tino Rangatiratanga, we attache the kaupapa. I will stand under the flag Tino Rangatiratanga on the 6th of February to celebrate an acknowledgement from this country’s leaders that we deserve equal billing with the culture that has all but erased evidence of my Maori heritage. It is a small step but a positive step. This is an opportunity which we Maori should make good on. I will not tell let anyone tell me it is an impossibility to share who we are with the world. If everyone thought like that .. no one would have landed on the moon. Our thinking needs to load itself to possibilities and not the “it’s too hard” basket. Anything is possible.

  4. All due respect to our kuia Eva, I tautoko what you are trying to achieve but it seems the Maori generation of today need to know what the meaning or rather history is behind the Tino Rangatira flag, Some of our people have no knowledge at all instead they will publicly making nasty comments as to which flag is right or wrong? What is really sad to see is that now we know which flag will fly in Feb some of our people have publicly come out requesting the rights to the Maori flag? This shows the greedy side of our people! Is this really why our Tupuna’s signed the DOI 1835 and Te Tiri o Waitangi?

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