May 13, 2021

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Hori 3.0: Te Waahi o Tangaroa

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Morena! Morena!

Now I know that all the talk has been about how beautiful the ocean is when the sun is shining and how too many dodgy dudes are stealing (others politely call it poaching) more paua than you can cream but after reading about the cat and mouse game being played by Green Peace and the Japanese Whale Fleet I am inclined to ask:

How many boats are patrolling the waters of Aotearoa/Te Wai Pounamu?

wakaDo we have a Navy who are on constant patrol around our waters or do they just respond to emergencies? Or worse, is no one representing and protecting our interests out in the deep blue sea?

The main reason I ask is that a few years back we had a chat with a bureaucrat/junior ambassador who said the one good thing we had was the ocean, both above and below, as it will prove to be one of our greatest assets into the future. His concern was that more and more countries would send their fishing and mining fleets down to strip our precious taonga and that few would know what was going down. I know we have a Navy but think it might be good to suss out what our capabilities are, where they are, what threats we face and examples of what has been done int he past.

I think it might pay for me to follow this one up ey as it seems so fundamental to our own security within our collective rohe. Kind of feels like none of us are really watching our waters, so few know what is really happening beyond the shore. Anyway, I’ll make some inquiries ey.

Will korero more soon.

1 thought on “Hori 3.0: Te Waahi o Tangaroa

  1. Kia ora I just been reading Te Waahi o Tangaroand have some pataii about the photo.
    1 Is thsi taken in Lake Taupo from the old Wharf at Tokaaanu
    2 Where did they get the waka from .
    Nga Mihi Dave

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