May 12, 2021

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Maori and Racism (let’s set this girl straight) on Yahoo! Answers

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The following was posted on Yahoo! Answers:

Why no Maoris get to be racist but not Pakehas?

Maori’s accuse all of us of being racist all the time, even though they are more racist.

Why do they get Maori Cemetary’s but as soon as we get a Pakeha cemetery we are racist and get taken to court?
Maori Achievers awards at school? Completely unfair.
Maori Party? Why can’t we all be equal.

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    No doubt this question is crudely written, but from our personal experience, the sentiment is widespread. The writer looks to be some youngster who doesn’t really understand the complexities of European colonisation and it’s tragic consequences. But the same can be said for many in Aotearoa New Zealand (and we’re not just talking about the young-ins)

    Knowledgeable responses can help elucidate this issues to others who may randomly happen upon this post, maybe seeing it the first time won’t change their opinions but if they see enlightened korero consistently in a variety of spaces then they just might begin to take notice. Anyway… clearly we’re optimists 🙂 – the beauty of this digital medium is that we have the power to define ourselves (different to print media which is costly and not nearly as easy to distribute)

    Yahoo! Answers are archived eternally so it would be great to get some good responses to this question. Catch is you gotta sign up/sign on to Yahoo! to do it. Anyway, just spreading the word.

    Answers close in 4 days. Will keep and eye on things and post as the korero goes on.

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    9 thoughts on “Maori and Racism (let’s set this girl straight) on Yahoo! Answers

    1. Just got back from New Zealand. I live in New York and, for the record, I am African American. My grandmother had to flee her homeland and had to watch the secret police kill a lot of her friends and family so I understand respecting culture…….especially a culture people died to protect. I was there because my wife was doing the Ironman New Zealand race and my 3 year old daughter hasn’t missed a race since she was born. My family and I were waiting to park our rental car when another car pulled up, and the young Maori male (not a man, he has a lot of growing up to do) pulled up. Obviously upset over the space, he decided to call me a “fag!, fucking foreigner!, boy!, nigger!…..” and on and on….He made it very clear he wanted me to “go back to where I came from!!”…..I have heard this kind of hate before, nothing new there, and there was nothing new about the hateful little coward backing down when I challenged his hate…… brought shame to your family name and dishonored yourself that day, little man, when you grow up, you will realize what that means……..You can be proud of who you are, where you come from, the tribal blood in your veins WITHOUT hating others. From one minority to another, educate yourself. Don’t just be a stereotype, and by the way, What do you think all those native New Zealanders were thinking when they witnessed your shame? I guess you paid for those tattoos. It is a shame you didn’t earn them. Maybe then you would have respected them and their meaning.

    2. I see the Maori All Blacks as an apartheid selection of New Zealanders who should not carry the All Black name. The average Pakeha (village flea) lets it go but this team should be the NZ Maoris team. The All Blacks are a multiracial selection picked on merit not race. This cannot be said about the team that wrongly is known as the Maori All Blacks.
      Generally speaking most Maori are far more racist than than the average non Maori and I find it amazing that a person with only a thimble sized quantity of Maori blood can call himself or herself a Maori, perhaps there are potentially far greater financial benefits from the Pakeha’s seemingly never ending gravy train – some do not want to risk not catching that train.

    3. Aue ! te mataku ? we Maori need to have good look at ourselves we have this nonsens in our whanaus some don’t go to Maraes have there own gatherings at thier homes,& blame others for being distached from hap?s & comunicate through social media , hokiat? ki ?kouto? hap? kei reira te whangoungatanga te?rangatanga , “kia ora” kia kaha te whakatika ia tatau

    4. maori are racist that why they call everyone else racist.Idigenous European [Caucasian] include them in all there culture. Just like how Opara Winfrey called an indigenous European [Caucasian] racist in Switzerland who have been ther snice humans left Africa because she throught this indigenous European[Caucasian] didn’t wont to sell her a handbag because she was black.Not because this Caucasian had the same handbag for cheaper.

    5. Thank you for your comment David. Linked in with what Mihi mentioned previous, it is about defining what racism means, especially with regards to New Zealand. There are clear cases of racially targeted laws in our nations past, such as those created to limit Chinese migration in the late 1800's and the policies against Pacific Island communities in the 1970's and 1980's. All of this lies on the colonisation of New Zealand by European powers, none of which can be denied. These are all historical facts.

      In the case of rugby, the New Zealand All Blacks have suffered racial prejudice, most clearly seen during the tours to South Africa, where Maori were not allowed to play in SA due to apartheid. Trying to swing that term of phrase to New Zealand is a wide sweep but nonetheless, can be done, albeit loosely.

      In my opinion, selection to play for the AB's is said to be based on form and not race but those who are close to the game have example after example of the form player being Maori but the selectors discounting them – again, with closer examination, the NZRFU not backing Maori rugby especially in the 100year centenary of Maori rubgy last year was another example of perceived bias, and much like your use of apartheid, it can hold just true.

      I think back to the inital inquiry, can Maori be considered racist – some; do Maori receive more preferences in New Zealand than Pakeha – no. It all comes back to the perception of equality. Pakeha number 80% of the population and can be intimidating to minorities. It can also be awkward when Pakeha cite equality of treatment when most of the nations laws, legislation and policy output is geared toward the majority. Sure, Pakeha is a one size fits all term but there is still no denying the fact that by descent, by cultural input and by cultural design, New Zealand is European/Western and Maori, who preceed European immigration by hundreds, if not thousands of years, have to rely on the majority to course their destiny. Maori receiving anything is a recent turn of events as there is clear evidence that over the past 160 years, most was taken from them – land, ability to govern, resources. Your initial response, much like the initial question is asked in a personal context and is devoid of any historical references.

      When asked without regard to history, it makes some sense. The real talent is to consider all those events that led up to this and then maybe ask "why are Maori largely ignored by New Zealand's governing rugby board?"…food for thought…

    6. Why is it that that a nz european rugby team would be deamed racist but not a nz Maori one 1 of many examples hello are we living in an aprtheid state

    7. Kia ora e hoa, Look forward to hearing from the 20 & 30 something Maori on how they answer this question today. Part of the answer does lay in the definition of racism as we related to it in the 80's when the given was based more around apartheid and again western ideology on race and culture. I think this needs expanding on in relation to how we perceive Maori as racists? We does racism fit in our fight for justice? Does it and should it?

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