May 10, 2021

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Maori, Israeli, French, whatever?

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The recent story in the New Zealand Herald reporting on the tour operator Discovery Heritage Group, established by director Terina Puriri in March 2008, has been banned from the Port of Tauranga wharves for a breach of security, stopping them from greeting cruise ship passengers as they disembark.

The crux of the issue which is currently being hotly debated is that Puriri sought out Israelis and Europeans to pose as Maori and take photos and perform for tourists.

To make matters worse, Terina Puriri was quoted as saying that she had to do it because

some of our Maori are too lazy to get out of bed.

The group has been banned from the port, which Ms. Puriri blamed on Tauranga not “[wanting] culture on their port.”

The Bay of Plenty Times has reported that iwi are surprised and disappointed that a local operator is using other nationalities to promote cultural Maori tourism in the Bay. They also scoffed at a suggestion by the operator that they were “too lazy to get out of bed” and push their own culture.

The story has hit the digital surf hard and is being reported as far away as Israel.

We’re thinking maybe that it’s not so much being lazy as having an inane boss which is keeping Tauranga Maori from performing… Hmmm…

4 thoughts on “Maori, Israeli, French, whatever?

  1. some people will do anything to make money even disrespect and trample on tikanga and tangata whenua – for them the future is not good, not good at all

  2. Terina Puriri obviously see's it as a money maker -by using people who are not maori to represent maori has insulted the tikanga and the kawa of the haukainga.

    It's not about the money or employment! To the Maori It's the about Culture, not about the money side of things.

  3. From the lack of comments, this looks like a short-lived story. Why? Because no-one's indignant at the way she was treated by the Port – most of us figure some business owners are exploiters (of Maori culture or whatever) who will only pay minimum wages (if that… backpackers don't tell tales…). And who couldn't be bothered with a minor thing like port security, unlike legit operators. Good on Maori for resisting, and refusing to be treated as plastic Tikis. PS I'm pakeha. This ain't a race issue, it's an employment one.

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