May 7, 2021

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Maori jackets for dogs, you be the judge…

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In our latest trawl through the internet we found these jackets made for a shih tzu sized pooch.

The jackets are made in double fleece and come in four different designs and will run you $25 (plus shipping) a pop…

The designer is located in Marlborough.

  1. Click here to view the site yourself


Thoughts (if any whanau)?

1 thought on “Maori jackets for dogs, you be the judge…

  1. Ha, at least it's not a pooper scopper ! Yep, I'd put it on my "hand bag" pooch if I had one that I loved and adored, and if I felt it had the mana to wear it hehe. As for the issue of whether the maker of these is a Maori person or not, I reckon the horse bolted already and I find myself buying Maori patterned things even when I don't want to sometimes – because it's either that or nothing. The truth is the Chinese got in some years ago, got stung, then came back more recently. Now Maori design cups, plates, bags, hats, tshirts, xmas decorations, flags, sew on decals, place mats, blankets, and tino rangatiratanga stickers can be found in many emporium shops – all made in China, all a bit cheap looking. So why didn't we make these things (but better) for ourselves when we had the chance? Why aren't we? Sad huh.

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