May 6, 2021

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New Section on Maori Health Website provides recent Hui details

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The Maori Health website is now offering a new section which details the proceedings from recent hui.

Below is a highlight:

Recent Hui

Maori Health Provider Hui – September/October 2009

Associate Minister, Hon Tariana Turia, supported by the Minsitry of Health, held four (4) Maori Health Provider hui throughout the motu – Taupo, Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch. The purpose of these hui were to inform Maori Health Providers about the opportunities that exist in the primary health care environment. Hon Tariana Turia spoke at the hui along with Ministry of Health representatives – Primary Health care implementation team and Simon Royal, Chief Executive Officer, National Maori PHO Coalition.

Speakers and presentations were also heard from Te Whanau o Waipareira Trust and Tainui.


Regional SWINE Flu Information hui – September/October 2009

The Ministry of Health, with the assistance of Te Puni Kokiri, held 13 Swine flu hui throughout the motu. These were held at various marae within each Te Puni Kokiri region. The target audience for these hui were marae, marae committees, Maori Health Providers, medical practitioners, Medical Officers of Health and DHB Maori managers.

The purpose of the hui was to:

  • ncrease knowledge about the novel H1N1 09 flu, its transmission, including impact and distribution across the New Zealand population
  • Provide attendees with information on wht could happen it there is a resurgence of the virus (a second wave), and why
  • Discuss how marae might manage their corporate business (Hui and tangi) and limit transmission in the likelihood of a second wave of the virus
  • Provide information on what resources are available and where they can be sourced
  • Discuss what information, advice and support communities receveid and its usefulness
  • Encourage ongoing good public healht managment for infectious diseases including availability of flu vaccine, and child immunisations
  • Provide a cross government collaborative approach to evaluate the effectiveness of the Swine Flu response in targeting Maori , thus providing two government departments with a single understanding of the key communications and engagement issues.

Letter of thanks (PDF, 158 KB)
Regional Report on Swine Flu (PDF, 381 KB)

Links to Swine Flu information

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