May 12, 2021

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Te Haerenga, a journey of identity

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Te Haerenga, a journey of identity. This play touches on such diverse topics as the revival of Te Reo Maori, the black civil rights movement in America, and the changing role of the New Zealand male, Te Haerenga peregrinates an entwining trail of New Zealand identity.

Life is a journey all of us are travelling, where have you come from, where will you go?

Featuring Tony Hopkins, Moira Wairama and Ralph Johnson, with costumes by Janet Dunn, Te Haerenga was originally produced by Baggage Co-op for the 2005 Fringe and has since featured at The Glistening Waters and The Pohutukawa Festivals.

wonderful stories, exceptional storytelling Thames Times

The concept of Te Haerenga is an original and interesting one

well honed, confident and professional Dom Post.

Season: Thursday 7 Saturday 16 January (no shows Sun/Mon)
$16 full / $13 concession
Book now:
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