May 12, 2021

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Whale Rider Star Shoots for the Moon

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(Press Release) Whale Rider star Rawiri Paratene has recently taken the lead in a new feature film shot in Ponsonby, The Insatiable Moon. In it he plays the role of Arthur, a psychiatric patient who understands himself to be the second son of God. In the context of apparent madness, Arthur offers a lot of wisdom about being human.

RawiriParateneCThe film was shot mostly on location in Ponsonby during November and December of 2009, and is now in post production. Paratene became attached to the project back in 2003 after reading the novel of the same name. He described the story as one full of spirituality and his character the role of a lifetime.

Arthur is the central character of a bloody good kiwi yarn, says Paratene. His wry insights and genuine innocence will win the hearts of audiences around the world.

After seven years in development, Paratene was disappointed the film missed out on support from local funding agencies, given that it is a New Zealand story which incorporates Maori mythology and features an all-New Zealand cast. Forced into a low-budget approach, the filmmakers made a virtue out of necessity. They raised private investment in order to proceed.

Its a story that deserved the support of the NZ Film Commission, he said. When that support didnt come, it forced us into a more frugal style of film-making, which has ended up a blessing. I think that the pluck shown by the producers could be just the kind of thing that helps endear this film to international film audiences. Audiences love good stories, well-told, and films made against all odds. The Insatiable Moon is all that and more.

The film also stars Sara Wiseman and Ian Mune, together with an ensemble cast of loveable rogues. It tells the tale of the dispossessed and marginalised in society, but through the vehicle of a rousing and feelgood storyline. Directed by Rosemary Riddell, the award-winning director of the short film Cake Tin, the feature wrapped on schedule after a five week shoot.

The UK/NZ coproduction is hoping to compete at the Toronto International Film Festival in September of this year. Paratene hopes to attend what was the venue where his earlier triumph Whale Rider had its debut screening.

Media spokesperson: Mike Riddell, Producer, (07)8270807, [email protected]
Production Stills available on request.

Check out the promo trailer below:

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