May 9, 2021

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Hori 3.0: They said WHAT about Waitangi…??

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Morena! Morena!!

It has been fantastic being home. Rotorua, for all its smell and rain, has been very hot and muggy. We spent over 2 months with whanau, first in the Gold Coast and then in California, learning a little more about each other. Our children had a great time with their Opa and Oma (Koro and Kuia), with Atutahi spending a couple nights away, learning how to ski. Christmas/New Yearscan be great, despite coming back in January broke and ready to work 24/7.

Now, I’ve just been reading the press releases sent out by Roger Douglas (from the ACT party) and Colin James (a political commentator) and what they say about Maori and Waitangi Day. First, let’s discuss what Colin has to say.

Colin JamesColin James examines what Pita Sharples said last year as the ‘combining of two political worldviews’ when discussing negotiations between the Iwi Leadership Forum and the Government. He says that the Treaty of Waitangi is in the wind-down period of its truth and reconciliation phase, that really, only hapu and iwi have any say and that Maori as individuals only have say as a citizen, the modern day version of subjects and not as a Maori specifically. Ummm, what planet is this fulla on??

While I have no love for the Iwi Leaders Forum, I have less for a Governmental system that plays Maori for fools and even less with any commentator that plays Maori AND the Treaty of Waitangi for fools. Catch him saying “the Treaty is as much fact as fiction” – what an easy way not to have to man up and front up with what was signed. Oh wait, perhaps he’ll go with the Crown’s version and say that despite Maori owning it all, we were happy to sign everything away and to be seen as “equals”. Forget that bro. We should be thanking Waitangi Day for inviting everyone to the party. Sure, some places will raise the flag, others will raise a fist but at least there is one day, right near the beginning of the year, to remind New Zealand that Aotearoa, Te Wai Pounamu and Rakiura were here first.

What caught my attention like a chicken wish bone in the back of the throat was how fulla Colin said the Maori middle class is where change is at. Hehehe, is he serious? From what I hear it is in the children where great change for Maori will come. That Maori have a middle class is choice but do isnt there enough for everyone and not just for a small group? Money gives opportunities, poverty breeds resentment. In this land of plenty, of milk and honey, how do more children get food in the cupboards and less flash cars for the chosen few? But what do I know – dont we all secretly want to win Lotto? But bro, its the children and yes, the middle class have them too.

Suss Colin James out here

Roger DouglasNow, what made me smile and then laugh was to hear Roger Douglas lament Treaty Settlements and saying that the Government is the reason for Maori not measuring up. Hello, Pot calling Kettle, come in Kettle

The bro needs to wake up and like Michael Jackson said start with the man in the mirror. It is rather strange hearing one of the destroyers of Maori potential in the 1980s now say bad Government and think that Maori will say man that Rog, good on him for speaking up for Maori.

Labour killed the 80s for many whanau and he was a driving force there. If you take a closer look at what is actually being said, youll see what Roger and his ACT mates are really after.

Sir Roger said. “The potential for Maori entrepreneurship is held back by strict rules that surround the conversion of Maori land to freehold title, and iwi are often prohibited from selling their land by Courts that think they know better than Maori.

Its all about buying and selling the land, one of the cornerstones of this western imperialism he still peddles. Now. didnt his other mate have land deal go sour recently? Sad that Maori potential can only come if we sell our ancestral lands. My father in law said the same thing and almost nothing I could say would swing him. Land can be traded, for the going price, anytime, anywhere, to anyone. All except Crown land and Maori land. And because there is so much of that, Gerry Brownlee is taking a chop at the first and Roger Douglas taking bids for the second.

Man, there are some dodgy as dudes out there.

His korero is here

Much like those eggs at Mr Vintage and their stink t-shirt. Not keen to talk about it cos I might give them a twack but bei, 20/10 is about aroha, Manawa, aroha, so you lucky Mr V.

Better get back to work ey

Korero more soon.


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