May 12, 2021

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Flouride Trial in Northland claimed to be illegal

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The Northland DHB-MoH-FNDC’s fluoride trial for Kaikohe and Kaitaia was illegal.

no-flourideUnder the Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Act (HSNO) 1996 and HSNO Regulations 2001 sodium fluoride (NaF) is classified as a most hazardous substance with strict controls and the council needed an Approved Handler’s Test Certificate specifically for using and tracking the hazardous substance. They never had one, so they were using it illegally, and the MoH’s 3 fluoride plants were operating illegally too. They all breached the HSNO Act regulations and I have lodged a complaint against the FNDC and Transfield Water Services with the Dept of Labour (HSNO Act enforcers). Also implicated are the NDHB, the MoH, the ethics committee and Orica Chemicals too.

Sodium fluoride is not allowed to be put into water for people to drink and it’s not supposed to go into the environment like that either. It’s classified as toxic, ecotoxic and bioaccumulative, is acutely toxic and a marine pollutant.

The Northland DHB stated No on their Ministry of Health (MoH) ethics committee trial research application form, when asked “Will any potential toxins, mutagens or teratogens be used? (ref Ethical Principles B 17.). Therefore they didn’t answer the next part which was “If yes, specify and outline the justification for their use.” Yet sodium fluoride is all those things so they made another false statement yet again, for the MoH’s grand pre-determined fluoride agenda for the North, and beyond. These serious adverse health effects were known in 2001.

The NDHB’s fluoride trial and results have become invalidated surely, and so has the supposed and rigged ’need’ for a fluoride referendum for Kaikohe and Kaitaia too, as the MoH’s 3 fluoride sheds were operating illegally which cancels out that MoH agreement condition too.

So the fluoride can just stay out permanently as the council as the ‘health authorities’ and council acted illegally and they also put the communities directly in potential harm as they mass poisoned the people and the environment for a fake ‘research’ trial so they could try and force the poison onto us all.

Targetting Maori children in Te Tai Tokerau specifically to drink this poison was and is absolutely disgraceful. Shame on all involved.The breaches to the HSNO Act are very serious. The only consultation and approval finally listed with the ethics committee was the NDHB’s paid own hospital’s Kaunihera Council (conflicted) and the Maori Dental Association (conflicted)! What about the whanau, hapu and iwi themselves?! It was aimed at all our reticulated water supplies too. It was a blatantly racist, illicit trial.

How are they all going to explain the absence of ’tracking’ for the poison for 2 years? How could they track it if they never had the authorised Certificated Handler? And the Northland DHB paid the FNDC for all the poison and the operating costs too.

Unbelievable! Fluoridation is one big scam and the promoters are all artful liars. Mass-poisoners infact. Orica Chemicals benefitted from these illegal sales of course! They’re all culpable in this fluoride-fraud and the HSNO Act breaches made. Even the ethics committee which approved the Northland DHB’s illegal trial.

It’s high time our corporation colluding government rejected and banned fluoridation (fluoride-poisoning) in Aotearoa NZ.

Maybe if the tourism industry was detrimentally affected they would reject fluoridation (NZ is an industrial fluoride toxic waste dumping ground). Especially for our council who puts tourism before the health and safety of our local communities.

Amazing how they can all twist the mass fluoride-poisoning of communities into a supposed ‘health benefit’ especially for Maori!

What now?

Jackie Pou

7 thoughts on “Flouride Trial in Northland claimed to be illegal

  1. I'm a District Councillor and ex wildlife ranger. I have spent about 4 or 5 hours a day for the last year researching fluoride on the net. It makes tobacco, asbestos, thalidomide and lead look like candy bars.

    Putting into our water supplies is the biggest con job ever carried out against the human race, but the reasons are simple but almost unbelievable. There are millions of litres of sodium fluoride produced and caught by a scrubber which waters it down in the smoke stacks of Super phosphate and Aluminium factories/smelters,It is a raw toxic poison that is delivered straight to our water supplies. It is illegal to release it into the atmosphere as it has been proven that it is devastating on all life forms. It would cost millions of dollars to dispose of this very toxic waste as any method of doing so would be so complex. But not to worry instead. In the 1940's a corporate scientist working for The Aluminium Company of America started a 5 year study on rats with fluoride. In less that a year it was put into Grand Rapids water supply in the US.It now makes billions for them and cosmetic dentists, and doctors who prescribe drugs for fluoride induced effects. The science has long since been totally debunked. No pro fluoridation scientist, doctor or dentist has ever been prepared to sign a piece of paper saying that there that poisonous fluorides are safe and will cause no future body harm. Back in 1950 Dr Robert Mick of 916 Stone Road, Laurel Springs, New Jersey, USA offered $20,000 (probably the equivalent of $200,000 now) for a controlled experiment with this proof. He advertised it again on the radio in 1991. He's still waiting! Worst of all have a look at the very earliest research on the application of fluoride to prisoners during World War Two. There is also plenty of court evidence. Would it be useful for our power structure if we were better behaved? That is an understatement. Do some research yourself. Finally it would be absolutely ludicrous to consider fluoridated water as spiritual. I live in a fluoridated area, my family and I area avoid it as if it was the plague (and it is!) Fluoride is the devil incarnate let loose in our water supplies! It is not an essential nutrient!It is forced medication such as the Nazi's Doctors carried out during World War Two and were hanged for at Nuremberg!

  2. I have just read all the above, and just cannot believe that issues discredited so completely so many years ago are now being raised by a new generation of ignorant alarmists who seem determined to prevent improvements in health of other people!!! Are you the same people that are busy trying to stop parents having their children vaccinated against life threatening diseases?
    It reminds me of my parents in law (now dead) who were often raving on about the evils of flouride, firmly secure in their absolute and total personal scientific illiteracy. Needless to say they lost all their teeth, and our children (their grandchildren) who were always exposed to fluoride water are now in their thirties have hardly a filling between them, and are in rude good health(as are we !).
    It is interesting to note that life expectancy of our population who have "suffered from the "pollution" of flouride/vaccinations/etc/etc has improved by leaps and bounds!!
    Are you deliberately trying to force bad health and shorter lives on the next generation?

  3. Kia ora,
    Will here from Welli Town. Would love to get in contact with RE this article. I am currently shooting documentary on fluoride in NZ. Titled the "Whakapapa of Wai" would love to talk with you on the topic of water (fluoride is the key theme running through (as it is a major pollutant in our drinking water, and is building up in the ecosystem to) in documentary, one of the reasons for fluoride presented by the government MOH is that lower socio-economic groups (maori in rural areas) need fluoride through their water supply (ie people filtering machines).
    I would love to have an interview with you or continue a stream conscious conversation. I am inspired by your kaupapa.

    [email protected]

  4. 6. Fluoride supplements are only available by prescription. Putting fluoride in the water is therefore medicating entire populations without people's permission. It is the right of every citizen to make personal health decisions and to have a water supply free of medications. No one should be forced to take a prescription dose of fluoride.

    7. Fort Collins citizens are already being over-fluoridated without drinking artificially fluoridated water. Fluoride is found in most toothpastes, in foods and drinks processed in fluoridated areas, and in pesticide residue on fruits, vegetables, and grains. The daily intake of fluoride is far in excess of what was considered optimal in 1943.

    8. Dental fluorosis, the permanent discoloration, scarring, and weakening of children's teeth, is a visible sign of fluoride poisoning. Fluorosis is rapidly increasing in the United States, even in unfluoridated areas.

    1) Journal of Public Health Dentistry, vol. 57, pp. 136-143, 1997; vol. 46, pp. 184-187, 1986.
    2) Journal of the American Dental Association, vol. 108, pp. 56-59, 1984.
    3) Health Effects of Ingested Fluoride, National Research Council, p. 37, 1993.

    9. There is NO DIFFERENCE in tooth decay rates in fluoridated and unfluoridated cities. Recent studies of defluoridated cities have shown no increase in cavities, and sometimes a decrease.

    1) Perspectives in Biology and Medicine, vol. 41, 1997.
    3) Journal of the Canadian Dental Association, vol. 53, 1987.
    4) Caries Research, vol. 34, pp. 462-8, 2000.

    10. Fluoridation has been rejected, discontinued, or banned throughout most of the world. Almost all of Europe is unfluoridated on the grounds that it is unsafe, and Europeans’ teeth are often healthier than fluoridated Americans!
    1) Chemical and Engineering News, vol. 66, p. 30, 1988.
    2) World Health Organization data.

    11. Recent studies show that hip fracture rates in the elderly are significantly higher in fluoridated areas.

    1) Journal of the American Medical Assn., vol. 264, 1990; vol. 266, 1991; vol. 268, 1992; vol. 273, 1995.
    2) Annals of Epidemiology, vol. 2, pp. 617-26, 1992.
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    12. Malnourished people, particularly children, as well as the elderly, people with diabetes, kidney, and heart disease, are at greater risk for fluoride's harmful effects.

    U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, ATSDR Doc. TP 91/17 (1993)
    Quotable Quotes

    "I am opposed to fluoridation because of the overwhelming evidence that fluoridation is not only potentially harmful but has already caused considerable, well-documented harm."

    Albert Schatz, Ph.D., biochemistry, world-renowned discoverer of streptomycin (Oct., 1999)

    "Recent, peer-reviewed toxicity data, when applied to EPA's standard method for controlling risks from toxic chemicals, require an immediate halt to the use of the nation's drinking water reservoirs as disposal sites for the toxic waste of the phosphate fertilizer industry."

    Dr. J. W. Hirzy, representing the 1,500 scientists and professionals at EPA Headquarter's Union,

  5. 12 Reasons to Stop Water Fluoridation

    Posted by DallasBC on February 21, 2010
    View DallasBC's blog

    1. The type of fluoride added to drinking water never occurs in nature. Nor does Fort Collins buy pharmaceutical grade fluoride used in dental products. Fort Collins uses hydrofluorosilicic acid (HFS) from the scrubbing system of a phosphate fertilizer company, containing lead and other metals. HFS has never been approved for safety or effectiveness by either the EPA or the FDA.

    1) Lucier Chemical Industries, Inc. Internal spec. sheet.
    2) Chemical and Engineering News, vol. 66, p. 39, 1988.
    3) Thomas Reeves, Chief Fluoridation Engineer, CDC, 2001.
    4) Letters from the EPA, CDC, FDA, and NSF responding to a Congressional investigation, 1988-2000.

    2. Fluoride is more toxic than lead and slightly less toxic than arsenic. However, several hundred times more fluoride is allowed in the water than either lead or arsenic, and it accumulates in the body and the environment, like lead and arsenic, inflicting damage over a long period of time.

    1) Clinical Toxicology, 1984.
    2) U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
    3) U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, ATSDR Doc. TP 91/17 (1993)

    3. Infants should be given no fluoride at all. Formula made with fluoridated water is harmful to babies. A family-sized tube of fluoride toothpaste contains enough fluoride to kill a small child.

    1) Journal of Public Health Dentistry, vol. 59, 1999.
    2) Journal of the American Dental Association, vol. 131, 2000.
    3) Proctor & Gamble, the maker of Crest.

    4. Four glasses (one liter) of fluoridated water equals a one-milligram prescription dose of fluoride, or four times the maximum dose for children 6 months to 3 years of age.

    1) EPA Drinking Water Glossary, p. 19, June 1994.
    2) Pediatrics, vol. 95, 1995.

    5. Fluoride is linked to health problems, including thyroid disease, bone cancer and bone fractures, behavior problems, arthritis, and genetic damage.

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    7) A Brief Report on the Association of Drinking Water Fluoridation and the Incidence of Osteosarcoma among Young Males, New Jersey Dept. of Health, Nov. 1992. 8) Neurotoxicology & Teratology, vol. 17, no. 2, 1995.
    9) JAMA, vol. 264, 1990; vol. 266, 1991; 268, 1992.

  6. If fluoride is added to drinking water and then the results are monitored by the health sector, then this is medical experimentation. Without a medical research licence, it's medical assault. If kids are involved and ANY parent objects, then it's illegal medical experimentation on children. If the substance used is toxic and parents (or older participants) are not specifically warned about all potential side effects, then it's illegal and unethical medical experimentation. Administering any toxic substance to another person without their consent is assault and personal abuse. Administering any toxic substance to children is child abuse. Shall I go on – how much more wrong can this charade be?

  7. See ( for current scientific research on fluoridation's danger to health, such as cancer, brittle bones, thyroid destruction, reduced IQ, etc.
    Many research studies show fluoridation is ineffective, including 14 years of data from 17 countries by the World Health Organization and very large studies in Tucson, AZ, New Zealand, Japan and India.
    The latest was recently published by a dentist in the main U.S. Dental Journal (JADA). You should go read it yourself. Considering the severe health destruction caused by fluoridation, one must follow the money trail and see who is getting rich to find any reason to use it.
    "JADA Study Proves Fluoridation is Money down the Drain"
    NEW YORK, Sept. 29, 2009
    Children's cavity rates are similar whether water is fluoridated or not, according to data published in the July 2009 Journal of the American Dental Association by dentist J.V. Kumar of the NY State Health Department(1),

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