May 10, 2021

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Taekwondo “SO YOU THINK YOU CAN KICK?” Event ~ NZ. Aus, Tonga ~

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To all United Taekwondo members, extended family and friends,

United Taekwondo is expanding around Australia and the Pacific and Master Paul Mitchell and Chief Instructor Rory will be conducting a special Promotional Tour (So you think you can kick?) starting with Tonga then New Zealand in April. We are seeking experienced and motivated people to become Black Belt Instructors (both at Branch and Regional Level) in each capital city in 2010.With over 25 training centres already established, United Taekwondo is growing rapidly and is the ultimate family martial art. We promote fitness, practical self defence and discipline.

paul1Exciting opportunities and scholarships exist for you to become part of this unique Promotional Tour. With the help of Master Paul Mitchell you will establish a training centre in your community. We are also seeking new members of all levels. Further opportunities for income, skills enhancement and leadership may be offered once you become an Instructor, such as Active After School Community Programs, Anti-Bullying Programs, Sport Programs, Tournaments and Special Training Seminars.

All interested applicants should register their details on the United Taekwondo Website: Once registered, you will be sent an Information Pack (after Registration closes) including the first DVD of our Box Set and a uniform so that you can start training. Stay tuned to the website for Interview Days in your capital city where you will be assessed (Graded) in 2010. We will also conduct a training seminar on the day including tactical defence and fitness.

Existing Taekwondo Instructors, that are looking for a change, are encouraged to apply and their qualifications may be recognized. Further details on this unique opportunity are on the website, so register now, join the Movement and kick start your life!

The attached advertisement will be run in major newspapers around the country in early February. Please let all your family and friends know about this great opportunity to become part of United Taekwondo in their local area and support the initiative (forward this email to as many people as possible!). They may be able to help logistically with training venues etc.

We have attached two video clips LINKS (which can be viewed on the website) to inspire people that you might know to join our school.

Internet Registrations close on 28/2/2010.

To all Instructors, members, family and friends, United Taekwondo is expanding around Australia, New Zealand & South Pacific and we need your help.

There is opportunities for Community members to teach at their local centre, assist the branch instructor, teach in conjunction with Australian Sports Commission, teach school sport and get fit at the same time.

If you could forward this message onto all family and friends and ask them to do the same, we will be able to spread this information around Australia, New high-kickZealand & South Pacific using Email, Website, Newspapers, Television, Youtube, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Text Message and any other medium that will assist United Taekwondo in letting the communities know that they can register to be a part of the promotional tour SO YOU THINK YOU CAN KICK.

When they join the movement they will have the opportunity to become a student, run or assist an appointed instructor at their new branch. We can then offer the community a dynamic martial art lead by Instructors that can make a difference to peoples lives. Please forward and promote the same. we need your help. If you have the knowledge to put video clips on Facebook for example, we need your help. The main reason for this expansion is to offer a community martial art where everyone is accepted.

Now all participating students, whether they wish to achieve gold at the Olympics, or just gain self esteem and self confidence, can achieve success through the guidance of their Local Instructor and the Master Instructor. United Taekwondo has been a concept since 2006 where families can train together in a safe positive learning environment.

At present there is over 25 centres located NSW / ACT / TONGA, so since 2009 we have recently become an International Martial Art.

Paul Mitchell: Is the Master Instructor for United Taekwondo. He has dedicated over 30 years to the development and expansion of the art of taekwondo and develop his own, unique style of taekwondo.

Master Paul’s achievements include:

2006 – Nominated Australian of the Year 2008 – Inducted into Australasian Martial Arts Hall of Fame (AMAHOF) & World Karate Union Hall of Fame (WKUHOF)

2008 Champion of Champion Business Awards was selected in the top 13 for Educational Services and top 20 for Entrepreneur in Australia

2008 Successfully Completed Certificate IV in Personal Training run through Fitness Industry of Australia and registered as a Fitness Professional with Fitness Australia.

2009 – Assessed by the Australasian Sokeship Council and has demonstrated the qualities of Martial Arts and displayed the principles of Gojo and has been successful in attaining the award of Godan (5th Dan) in the Art of United Taekwondo.

2009 Inducted as a Director AMAHOF

2009 Nominated Pride of Australian Medal

2009 5 Star Award, Australian Sports Commission, Best Community Coach NSW/ACT and is in the final top 8 in Australia for best National Coach

2009 National All Styles 2nd Place in the National Final held in Melbourne for Veterans Forms

2009 Establish and International Branch in Tonga and now supports the community with equipment and guidance.

2010 Nominated for Citizen of the Year Campbelltown City Council and was in the top 14 nominees.

These qualifications have allowed Master Paul to expand the organisation to include teaching in public and private schools, Out of School Hours (OOSH), Child Care Centres and Personal Coaching. The largest development has been in the area of Personal Development (Anti-Bullying), where members are encouraged to increase their own self esteem and self confidence, to be able to deal with daily conflicts at work, home and school. Master Paul is well respected in the art of taekwondo not only for his serenity, courage and wisdom, but also for his ability to find the best in everyone.


The re-designed website is on line and being finalised

Registration Information Online:

Welcome to the United Taekwondo Registration Page. Please complete the details in the form below to register your interest for United Taekwondo membership. The Art is expanding rapidly and Master Paul Mitchell is seeking people who wish to be part of this opportunity. In 2010 and 2011 United Taekwondo anticipates opening training centres in Tonga, New Zealand and other Capital Cities around Australia.

Whether you are a beginner to Martial Arts or an existing Taekwondo Instructor from another school, we would like to have you join our ranks. In doing so, you will have the support of a large Organisation, second to none with regards to its ethics, respect, approved Syllabus and strong leadership.

The upcoming Promotional Tour will include Training and Grading days in a Capital City near you in 2010 so keep updated for location and time details. You must be a Member to participate in these planned days. Our objective is to open up as many training centres or “Branches” in your capital city as possible.

If you wish to become a Branch or Chief Instructor for your Area please ensure that you say YES under the subsection of Reason(s) in the registration form. We will contact you personally to discuss this further and help you to bridge your current skills with those of United Taekwondo. Master Paul has the long standing credibility, insurance and motivation to help you to establish a training venue in your area.

For people in regional or remote areas who still wish to be part of UTKD you will be able to progress by studying the ultimate reference tool: our DVD Box set! Just come to one of the planned Gradings in your State Capital to be assessed when it is convenient for you! As you get promoted and sent each new coloured belt you will also receive the next DVD in the set to study.

Once you have submitted the on-line registration details (no obligation) you will be sent a Membership Application Form. Once the Membership Form with payment ($120 cheque or money order) is received you will be sent a Starter Pack which includes:

  • A uniform and belt
  • The first Instructional DVD of the United TKD Box Set
  • Lifetime Membership booklet
  • 12 months Insurance

You will also be given privileged MEMBER access to the website including access:

  • Pattern and Technique descriptions and photos
  • Articles and information on Taekwondo, health and wellbeing
  • Discussion forums to put you in contact with other United Taekwondo members and instructors


I’ve uploaded the first video to YouTube, the address to include in the email is This is the promotional Youtube clip.

The second one on YouTube: This one’s quite good too. The second clip was done by Jason Milkelson (Andrew Parkinson Son, Brighton Hall). This clip will offer people a second more extensive look at United Taekwondo

The third clip is by Chief Instructor Rory and represents the dream – for the Dream. Have a look as this will continue through a series.

Thanks for the assistance

Paul Mitchell
Founder and Master Instructor

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