May 13, 2021

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Kiwa Media’s iPhone app a hit with the Kids!

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QBook’s iPhone application is currently running in first place on the Babble List’s Best iPhone Apps for Kids.

QBook was developed by Kiwa Media an Auckland based company run by producer, director and entrepreneur, Rhonda Kite. Early in 2009 Kiwa Media began developing iPhone applications and have come out with several popular apps.

QBook is an iPhone app for teaching children to read. It allows kids to learn at their own pace, learning through association until they memorise the letter sounds. By letting kids touch the text to hear it, its like having a teacher or parent standing at the ready to guide them when they need help. By touching the words and hearing the pronunciation and spelling, kids easily learn the phonics for letters and soon memorize them.

Helping children develop literacy at a young age improves all their learning skills and improves their schooling experience. QBook can be used in guided reading activities to provide a focus to the lesson or activity. Additional languages provided in each QBook can also be used for learning new languages or improving new language comprehension and vocabulary.

QBook brings Sebastians Tail to life on the iPhone using our QBook touchable text. Kids just run their fingers over the text to hear it read aloud and can touch individual words to hear them spelt. Watch in amazement as your children teach themselves to read using QBook. Also included are two great games for kids Word Find and Memory Pairs that help aid their learning.

You can assist by voting for Seb’s Tail at the following link. The Seb’s Tail app is the #1 kids app so far and Kiwa Media are keen to stay there as long as they can.

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