May 15, 2021

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Maori unemployment increases dramatically

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Unemployment rates for Maori have increased dramatically over the last 12 months. Now, nearly one in three Maori and Pacific young workers are unemployed.

Speaking at Wesley Broadway in Palmerston North on Monday night, Mr de Bres, Race Relations Commissioner said,

action is needed to address their plight”.

Statistics New Zealands December Household Labour Force Survey results showed unemployment for Maori had risen from 9.8 per cent to 15.4 per cent in the previous 12 months. This compared to a rise in the European rate from 3.2 per cent to 4.6 per cent. Although the overall survey results were published last week, the ethnic breakdown of youth unemployment was not included.

The figures show a widening gap between different ethnic groups, which will impact on other social and economic areas, said Mr de Bres.

MaoriUnemploymentCThe unemployment rates for young people were even more worrying, with the Maori rate going up from 19.5 per cent to 30.4 per cent (over a 10% increase). The current rate for MELAA (Middle Eastern, Latin American and African) youth is at 40 per cent.

Almost one in every three Maori and Pacific workers aged 15-24 is out of work, Mr de Bres said. The younger demographic profile of the Maori and Pacific communities means this has an even greater effect on these communities.

In last years Race Relations Report, Mr de Bres noted the deepening economic recession was the most challenging issue for race relations in 2009.

After a gradual process of economic and social recovery for Maori and Pacific peoples, progress threatened to be halted and even reversed in terms of employment, standard of living and, consequently, other social conditions. This has unfortunately proved to be the case, and as we come out of the recession, it is vital these increased inequalities are reversed.

2 thoughts on “Maori unemployment increases dramatically

  1. I work for a company that employs immigrants as soon as they enter the country,especially families. If they have sons an daughters who are single they send them back to their respective country to get married and hello,guest who is at work. No process of going through the labour department. Its who you know. If those Maori out there could get support from a business minded or agency it might help, Preferably Maori because I know what shyness can do and being alone in a pakeha domain can be off putting. Do it now before we drown and get lost amongst the many immigrants that are thriving here. Wake up because we will not only be the poor afflicted to the pakeha but also to the immigrants.

    1. Dude ur response to this is uninformed. you basing it from your personal experience. Altho what u r saying may be correct, its important that we look at the broader picture. There is a reason why NZ is pulling immigrants and that is shortage of skilled labour. We need skilled workers to be able to work in the country as the skilled ones from within move to Aussie for greener pastures, i dont blame them. The govrnment needs to do heaps to one keep skilled labour in the country and two create job oppurutnities. I am no economist to answer these questions but i thought i should respond to your post. Regards

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