May 7, 2021

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Ngati Awa to take ancestral inspiration to Torere competition

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Ngati Awa groups performing at this weekends Mataatua Regional Kapa Haka competitions will draw extra inspiration from a newly carved toki (adze), Awatope ki Te Manukatutahi, which carries the name of a principal ancestor of the Eastern Bay of Plenty tribe.

NgatiAwaTokiFThree Ngati Awa groups will compete at the regional qualifier Te Manukatutahi, Taiwhakaea and Ngati Awa ki Rangitaiki. Awatope ki Te Manukatutahi will join the groups at Torere and will be carried by leaders during the performance.

Te Manukatutahi tutor and leader Joe Harawira says that it will be a great honour to carry Awatope at the competitions and he hopes that its presence will encourage his group to a great performance.

To have such a significant taonga with us on stage is certainly going to be very inspirational. Not only does the toki bare the name of one our foremost tupuna but it represents the Ng?ti Awa vision looking ahead to 2050

Awatope ki Te Manukatutahi was carved to stand as the representation of Ko Ngati Awa Te Toki (see which symbolises the iwi vision for 2050. Ko Ngati Awa Te Toki was launched on Waitangi Day, 2010.

The preservation of Ngati Awa reo and tikanga is a key element of the Ko Ngati Awa Te Toki vision for 2050 so it is going to be really special for us, and the other Ngati Awa groups, to have Awatope ki Te Manukatutahi present as we represent the iwi in this noble art form of our ancestors Mr Harawira says.

As well as travelling to Torere for the kapahaka competition, Awatope ki Te M?nukat?tahi will be carried by Ngati Awa leadership at every significant tribal event from now to 2050 eventually becoming the tribes most significant modern taonga due to the kaupapa (purpose) upon which it was created and the journey it represents.

Awatope ki Te Manukatutahi was formally blessed by Deputy Chairman of Te R?nanga o Ngati Awa Pouroto Ngaropo before being taken to the Bay of Islands on Waitangi Day where Ngaropo used the toki as he lead the opening formalities at this years Treaty of Waitangi celebrations. The toki was also carried aboard the Whakatane based waka taua (war canoe) Mataatua Toroa by kaihautu (captain) Tai Mamaku in the official waka ceremony held as part of this years commemorations at Waitangi.

For further information on Ko Ng?ti Awa Te Toki, visit

3 thoughts on “Ngati Awa to take ancestral inspiration to Torere competition

  1. Mauri ora koutou ma. He mihi nui ki nga kaimahi o tenei ahuatanga ara ki te hanga (website) mo tatou nga uri o Ngatiawa. Tuturu whakamaua kia tina…

  2. the entry of new taonga into this time period is definitely a step in the right direction,sure its just a bandaid solution regaurding all the precious taonga tawhito that has been sold , given, or even stolen that should be carried or displayed by their rightfull owners,nevertheless the event of new taonga will lift & inspire iwi , & hapu

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