May 10, 2021

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Stop The Poisoning Of New Zealands Food Chain

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Stop The Poisoning Of New Zealands Food Chain.


During 2009 2010 New Zealand has been and is to be bombarded from top to toe with lethal inhumane poisons such as 1080, Brodifacoum, Pindone etc., which are known in other countries as weapons of mass destruction. New Zealand is the only country in the world where its Conservation and Environmental authorities use such weapons, in such rampant blanket aerial bombing practices in peace time. There is currently significant trace amounts of such toxins in 150 miles of Coromandel – Bay of Plenty coastline shellfish. Recently many non targeted marine life forms, birds and animals were wiped out around Rangitoto and adjacent Islands. The lethal toxins having killed farm dogs, have been traced in cowshed milk. Feral pigs, deer, and even farm stock are known to be carrying trace amounts, ingested by feeding on aquatic plants.

1080Proposed Drops of Immediate Concern:

  1. Mt. Cook. 37,000 Hectares Aerial drop of Pindone (an experiment) and 1080 1080 Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD) between June to September in snow season. (The drop is currently on hold due to Phils Appeal in process)
  2. Westland. 100,000 Hectares aerial drop proposed for early 2010 (WMD).

Progress To Date:

Objections were originally filed last year in respective Courts by patriotic guardian Mr. Philip Paterson. A senior Conservation Barrister visited the areas before Xmas and again for a week in February 2010. A comprehensive understanding of legal parameters confirmed major breeches of fiduciary duty which justify the further preparation of legal arguments, 16 affidavits, consultation with expert witnesses, an application to Legal Aid in the interests of the public, and the timetabling of proceedings.

Urgent Requirements:

The Barrister and Mr. Phil Patterson have achieved great progress on a shoe string budget, essentially working from their hearts for the greater good. Likewise it is hoped witnesses will make similar contributions but there does remain travel costs, filing fees, securities for costs, document preparation and associated essential legal costs.

The application to Legal Aid is expected to take some weeks to be processed, meantime the Barrister is ethically bound to have confirmed, by 25th February, the availability and participation of the expert witnesses thus this urgent call for underwriters to pledge by 25 February 2010, amounts totalling at least NZ$10,000.00.

All monies will be held in the instructing solicitors trust account.

To allow a data base to be voluntarily compiled which will serve to keep all participants updated by email, please send initial pledges to Truth Honesty Ethics Trust, PO Box 218, Thames 3540 or by email to [email protected] or [email protected]

Further information is available by phoning Hugh on 07 868 11 83.

Of National Benefit:

Time, effort, costs of preparing for these abovementioned Court hearings shall not be wasted. The activities and real intent of the Conservation and Environmental Departments are the same nationwide as is the evidence and laws. Thus, subject to finances, it is intended that by combining with the North Island, Stage II will duplicate the evidence and witnesses to conduct a specific proceeding to stop the insanity nationwide, in the public interest and in the interests of younger generations and those yet unborn.

Some Background Info:

New comers to the campaign may quickly get up to speed by reading the blog at and by purchasing Poisoning Paradise at or borrowing from a local library, the dvd, Poisoning Paradise ISBN number 978-0-473-15958-0

Some little known but highly relevant information.

Environmental Risk Management Authority (ERMA) in its 2006 Annual Report, at page 14 states, We do not have any data or indicators for long term effects of hazardous substances on the environment.

From ERMA states, No environmental exposure limits (EELS) are set for 1080 at this time, either through

applying the default EEL, adopting an established value, or calculating an EEL from an assessment of available ecotoxicological data.

Readers be informed that it is an established medical fact that trace amounts as small as a few parts per billion of such lethal toxins in watercress, puha, shellfish, meat etc., ingested by a pregnant woman thus into the bloodstream of her developing foetus, can cause birth deformities, and behavioural problems and learning difficulties in later life because of brain damage at formation stage.

It is an established fact that ERMA was set up under Helen Clark by Neil Walters, himself a former Foreign Affairs International Diplomat, – a politically correct term for any member of the International Intelligence Community. ERMA is currently managed by former director of NZs Secret Intelligence Service, Richard Woods who has a long standing association with western Intelligence Agencies. Be informed such agencies are not financed by Sovereign Nations but are covertly financed and managed by individuals and committees themselves not patriotic to any sovereign governments but loyal to the small group of perceived elite attempting to control the planet through the New World Order and thus depopulate the planet by 80%. Refer Truth Can Set Us Free by Justin Thyme(NZ)

Please share the responsibility for putting a stop to the deliberate poisoning of our food chain by withdrawing your silent consent to such activities. There are proven, humane, selective, and viable alternative means of pest control but the controlled media continue to deny the public the opportunity to be widely informed. To counter such controls, please let each of us make a courtesy phone call to 5 company managers asking them to receive your email address, then forward this attachment to them. Most of us, including company managers, have offspring whom we care for, who will benefit by our sharing of the load now.

Please Note: This is an appeal for an honourable pledge to provide a contribution, not for immediate cash. Before the Muldoon / Roger Douglas sell out, if we looked after the pennies the pounds looked after themselves. Similarly many pledges of $5.00 should not be too much to ask for such a little-realised nationwide concern.

May God support our defending New Zealand.

On behalf of the many dedicated and tireless campaigners,

Kind regards to all.
Hugh Smith

4 thoughts on “Stop The Poisoning Of New Zealands Food Chain

  1. Holy shyte!!! Helen Clark of Destroy and her merry men of Mass Destruction. No wonder she was hired by the United Nations of Terrorists, she has first hand information on POPULATION KILL. Lets start our own list of World Terrorists… wake up people.

    Hugh you have my donations on the way, and facebook. noho ora mai. me e

  2. This is a brilliant idea. I have copied and pasted your article into a blank email, and will contact 5 company managers tomorrow, and then forward it on to them.
    Well done on thinking up this idea and putting it into print.

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