May 7, 2021

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Youth Parliament 2010 (nominations close March 28)

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Applications are now open for Youth Parliament 2010.

The dates for Youth Parliament as 6 & 7 July 2010 and thenationwide Youth Member of Parliament (Youth MP) selection process is now open until the middle of March.

YouthParliamentTYoung people wanting to become a Youth MP should contact their local MP directly to find out what selection process that are using. You can find a list of all members of Parliament and the areas they are selection from here.

Being a Youth MP is no small undertaking and is a big commitment. It is an awesome way to bring the voice of young people from your community to centre stage and get primed to be an advocate for change in your communities.

Before Youth Parliament 2010 you’ll be expected to get out and about, and talk with as many people in your community as you can about the Bill. So that you can bring and represent their thoughts, hopes and concerns to Youth Parliament 2010.

During Youth Parliament 2010 you’ll be put through your democratic paces and you’ll need to have a cool head and co-operative attitude to balance many view points.

Youth Parliament is a public event and you’ll be carrying the mana of your community with you. With lots of people watching, you’ll need to be able to keep making people proud of you, even when you’re working hard for long hours.

After Youth Parliament 2010, we’ll keep in touch with you over the next six months and support you to keep getting youth voices heard. As new legislation or government decisions come up, we’ll ask you to get out and about in your communities, and let us know what young people are thinking and saying.

If you want to be a Youth MP for Youth Parliament 2010 you can contact us at: [email protected] or call 0508 For MYD (367 693).

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