May 18, 2021

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Waikato Times “Abdication” headline false and misleading

3 min read yesterday contacted the Communications Unit for Tainui-Waikato asking for further clarification on the Waikato Times article that screamed “Maori King threatens to Abdicate”. Now, we’re used to the spin mainstream media gives to stories regarding Te Ao Maori which is why we wanted to get in touch with Tainui Waikato whanau.


What we learned was that the Waikato Times story was false and “a complete misrepresentation of the facts” according to Rahui Papa, spokesman for Kiingi Tuheitia.

Mr Papa said the story published in the Waikato Times (02-03-10) completely misrepresented the words of Kiingi Tuheitia, and had caused significant hurt within Waikato-Tainui and throughout the motu.

Kiingi Tuheitia did not use those words, nor would he ever use such language, Mr Papa said.

Many tens of thousands of people witnessed the Kings coronation at Turangawaewae following the passing of his mother Te Arikinui Te Ataiirangikaahu in 2006.

The crowning was a sacred ceremony that had followed the debate and ultimate selection by tribal leaders from throughout the country. The head of the Kingitanga is not a title that can, nor ever would be abdicated irrespective of any tribal issues..

Mr Papa said the King addressed Te Kauhanganui (Waikato-Tainui Parliament) at the weekend to call for an end to the public criticism of different groups, and to call for unity.

There have been some very damaging statements made by anonymous sources who purport to speak as tribal members. There was no talk of abdication. The King and our people are very hurt that his words have been twisted by the newspaper and their sources. Waikato-Tainui are a proud people who have developed strong and robust processes to discuss and debate tribal matters. The sentiment of the King that such matters do not need to be argued in the newspaper are shared by many of our people.

Mr Papa went on to say that to “then have his words twisted to state he has threatened to abdicate is unethical and inaccurate, and demonstrates why we refuse to engage in important tribal debate via the newspapers”.

The Waikato Times published a new story today about the issue – click here to check it out.

In 2002, Lady Raiha was appointed by Te Arikinui Dame Te Atairangikaahu as her representative on the Waikato-Tainui tribal parliament Te Kauhanganui. She says over the years the Mahuta family has been slandered without recourse or any type of regard, and these most recent stains on the head of the Kaahui Ariki are unacceptable to her family.

Even though the case over my husband and Te Arikinui has concluded, the scars of that time have remained, said Lady Raiha

Waikato-Tainui is not new to this type of media manufactured dissention. It has become too convenient for people to hide behind media anonymity to deliberately misinform rather than be held accountable in Te Kauhanganui. In the recent barrage, the news items are clearly not balanced nor do they provide reference to substantiate the reporter has fully investigated statements. We are then left with misconstrued facts and the exploit of information from unnamed sources.” said Kaahui Ariki representative, Lady Raiha.

Abdication was definitely not on his mind during the speech as he is fully aware of the roles and responsibilities that he has under the Kiingitanga.

7 thoughts on “Waikato Times “Abdication” headline false and misleading

  1. Hemi Rau is a GUILTY Traitor! In the old days he would have been beheaded for these crimes against the KINGSHIP. Tainui dont want him so hes pushing his Tau iwi kaupapa in Otakanini Ngati Whatua. Hemi Rau is Tau Iwi orientated and cares only for MONEY. The people are irrelevent and he will spend every cent he can get his hand on, in the courts to further his GREED motivated Ideology. It is great the Tuku Morgan is a strong man and was not phased by the blind greed that Hemi Rau was trying to impose upon Tainui.
    I worry for the future of our Whanau and Whenua in the Kaipara ki te Tonga Rohe.
    Ngati Whatua ki Kaipara is under seige with this Bull head Hemi Rau at the Helm, Current Chairman of the Otakanini Topu incorporation. He has bought all his Tainui Commercial contacts such as MIGHTY RIVER POWER and railroaded all these windmills with basic to no consultation with the people. We have no resource such as Tainui, to Take this clown to court and make him accoutable. Help us Tuku Morgan, you know his colours. Investigate MIGHTY RIVER cause they are in his pocket, We are doomed without yous!! If he is like this with his fathers people TAINUI! Please spare US, His MOTHERS people, Ngati Whatua tuturu

  2. You must of opened your big mouth and now you feel like you have to cover it up with Tainui story after story from unnamed people. Doing us a favour? I don’t think so Karla. Your favours my people can do without lady! You’ve already cost my tribe a fortune stirring it up. You and whoever your ‘no balls’ unnamed sources are.
    Go treat your own people like that back in Ngati Awa. Bet you wouldn't dare. Shall we dig into your tribal affairs…I've already said too much haven't I. Stooping to your level…rumour, no fact.
    Better still find something else to write about newbie. But that would require skill and information from actual people who act with integrity wouldn’t it. And go on a diet lady or don't wear what you did today – pono.
    Heurino Teawao Waikato
    Ngati Mahuta, Tainui

  3. And this is where the plot thickens! Get this. At the Poukai today sources told us that Karla’s husband is closely related to former Tainui chief exec. Hemi Rau. Imagine the coincidence! Karla is the same lady who got Rau sacked by opening her big mouth to another reporter Potaka Maipi, saying that Rau leaked her information about Tainui which everyone knows he’s been doing for years. Of course Rau was going to get sacked. They finally caught him.
    But how funny is this. I heard that the silly girl didn’t even know that Maipi was a son of a board member. Classic!
    But wait there’s more. Not only did Karla get Rau sacked, but she also caused Maipi to be forced from his job for telling his father that that’s what she told him. Tragic Karla Akuhata tragic.

  4. 19 Mar Letter to the Editor – Waikato Times: Tragic Karla Akuhata tragic
    It cracks me up hearing your reporter Karla Akuhata defend her actions as to why she continues to choose to write stories about Tainui and our King. She uses the reasoning that she is helping with concerns from unknown Tainui people. She acts like she’s doing the rest of us a favour. If Karla’s sources really are tribal members, they should show some nuts and stop hiding behind a bad reporter.
    And that’s what she is frankly. Karla has shown no investigative skill or balance. She keeps printing stories from unnamed people that are sometimes half right, most times exaggerated or they are just plain wrong! And the newbie backs it up by making one phone call to one person who won’t speak to her! It doesn’t sound like she even wants to double check her facts. She must be so sure it’s all true. Sounds to me like she’s part of someone’s own gripe with Tainui and the King.

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