May 10, 2021

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Boy – #1 at the Box Office!

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(Daniel Rutledge:TV3) Boy opened at cinemas across the country yesterday and pulled in a massive $109,370. At midnight last night it was the No. 1 film on the New Zealand box office charts.

This places Boy ahead of other local hit films Siones Wedding, The Worlds Fastest Indian, Second Hand Wedding and Whale Rider for opening day figures obtained from the New Zealand Film Commission.

BoyMovieF2Boy, written, directed and starring Taika Waititi, is described as a hilarious and heartfelt coming-of-age story.It is set on the rural East Coast during the 80s and tells the tale of Boy, Rocky and their inept wannabe gangster father Alamein.

It is inspired by Waititis Oscar-nominated short Two Cars, One Night and his own childhood in Waihau Bay.

Boy is receiving critical acclaim from local reviewers.

Kate Rodger says in her Film3 review: It feels like a while since I smiled this wide and felt this good watching any film, Kiwi or otherwise … Go see Boy. Its choice.

Fellow Film3 reviewer Daniel Rutledge writes in the upcoming issue of Rip It Up: Every Kiwi should feel stoked watching this, and if you happened to be a kid in New Zealand in the early 80s, it will have a special, almost magical resonance that you wont forget.

Steve Newall, who reviews films for TV3s Sunrise, writes in Real Groove: Boy is a New Zealand film in the truest sense, capturing our unique sense of humour, slang, and outlook … unmissable.

Peter Calder writes in the New Zealand Herald: Its hard to praise too highly the pitch-perfect tone of this movie … a very strong piece of work that will quickly become a classic.

  • All four of the reviews quoted above gave the film five stars.

Up against the 3D blockbuster How To Train Your Dragon which also opened yesterday, it will be a tough race for the top grossing film over the weekend but Boy clearly has a head-start today.

Mean Whanau Mean!!

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(Source | Daniel Rutledge (TV3)

7 thoughts on “Boy – #1 at the Box Office!

  1. Maori filmmaking has come a long way since NGATI and UTU. (Whale rider doesn't count; only a pakeha director with no idea of the role of women in all hapu of Ngati Porou would have based the story on the wrong conflict – leave Maori stories to Maori directors …). Tama Poata, Wi Kuki Kaa, Don Selwyn, Dalvanius and Barry Barclay must be doing the haka with greatest delight watching what their moko are up to from Hawai'ki Nui. Taika & Ainsley & cast and crew – stunning work!!!

  2. Havent laughed so much in ages, brought back alot of memories, kapahaka live ins in Raukokere visits to the waihou bay shop about 5 times a day. and of course st joes songs from when I was there helping record em… sheest.. and such an awesome heartwarming movie..

  3. Saw it last night in Napier, session was sold out and there were many lining up who missed out. Enjoyed it even more the 2nd time.

  4. Man….Boy is the best movie I've eva seen…saw it last nite in Rotaz…It sold out! …Better then My Brother Bruce in Enter the Dragon! I'm for REAL!!!!! haven't laughed so much in ages… Thanks Brotha Potaua!! Tumeke rawa atu! TE WHANAU A APANUI ROX…Not as much as Maniapoto, Raukawa & Ngaiterangi though (ha ha ha!! )Big Ups to SHOGUN!!! Meke actor…U 2 Boy!! Ti hah!!! Wens the next 1.

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