May 12, 2021

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Don’t understand your GST requirements? IRD CAN help!

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Anyone needing to navigate our complex GST labyrinth might be easily confused, what is exempt, what is not, how and when to file, what you can claim and what you can’t. It’s darn difficult and a little intimidating (just have a look at a GST return if you don’t believe me!! But IRD can help!

We just attended their GST workshop and came away much better informed and keen to get into it. We were happy to see that the majority in attendance were Maori business people! Mean!

The workshops gave a great overview of the requirements, how to work out GST in terms of what YOU owe and what may be owed to YOU (that’s the best part!) – Nikolasa went in anxious but came out excited and energised. These workshops were developed about a year ago and have been slowly standarised and rolled out across the country, so there will be one available near you.

Next stop the Into to Business Workshop!

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