May 11, 2021

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Harawira only advocating common law

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Te Tai Tokerau MP Hone Harawira is advocating a return to British common law principles in his solution to the foreshore and seabed issue, says a Treaty education group. hone

Network Waitangi Whangarei spokeswoman Moea Armstrong said the rights of all New Zealanders were catered for in the MPs suggested formula. Mr Harawira is touring Northland investigating views on what should replace the Foreshore and Seabed Act, and spoke in Whangarei yesterday.

He is suggesting a return to Maori customary title, the status quo before the 2004 Act, as well as protecting access rights to all New Zealanders. Even if we didnt have a Treaty, English common law recognises customary title – or native or aboriginal title as its sometimes known so the British knew land had to be bought from indigenous peoples throughout the world, she said.

This is reflected in Lord Normanbys instructions to Hobson, in which he stated that Maori title to the soil and to the sovereignty of New Zealand is indisputable and has been solemnly recognized by the British Government.

Far from being radical, Mr Harawira is only suggesting that we return to the status quo before the 2004 Act, with the added assurances that access rights to the beach will be protected for all, and that customary title will not be able to be converted to a different type of title to be sold.

This means that the foreshore and seabed could never be alienated to overseas interests, unlike some current beachfront property in individual ownership. Its a simple solution and one that restores common law justice, protecting everyones rights and futures, she said. Its a solution all New Zealanders should be proud to support.

Contact: Moea Armstrong (09)436 1679 027 3197234

12 thoughts on “Harawira only advocating common law

  1. Kia ora Hone, it seems some maori only want to read what they want to see. Our tupuna couldn't read, and so they followed they're hearts for the sake of their people. We need to do the same, for the sake of our rangatahi ?ke tonu atu!!

  2. Aha. Charmaine Gran calls Hone Heke, Tamati Waka Nene, Patuone, Pumuka, Te Wharerahi, Te Wherowhero and dozens of our highest rangatira "stupid"? Big call lady.

    Where do you imagine we'd be today, had we followed Tuwharetoa, Te Arawa and Tuhoe in not signing? Hone Heke and many of the Northern rangatira were greatly influenced by Heke's grandfather, Hongi Hika who had travelled to the UK in the 1820's. He described British might as far stronger than we could even imagine, and their standing armed forces more than our entire population also impressed him.

    The move to peacefully align ourselves with such a power was very strong in the north for a long time before the treaty. Had we not done so, what would our history be today?… See More

    Hone Harawira has a strong case for a return to common English law, as it was what we signed up for in the treaty. It has been the settlers/Pakeha that has continuously tried to deny us those rights, not the British. Many things that have been done to us and our lands would not have been possible had Common English law applied to us.

  3. well they have always been a law to themselves so that why we have our own governance to protect maori so that government dont change our cluture and language to suit their greedy needs this is why the treaty needs to be honoured and recognised by them we are the kaitiakis of this country not them or overseas rhey are suppose to in partnership with us not against us

  4. Anyone please answer this question: When did they become Law? Obviously they were a law unto themselves pre-treaty. I don't like being under british law because they are legalized criminals, unpunished & they wouldn't know "honesty" if you brainwashed them 24/7.

  5. We are stuck between an rock and a hard place again.If we adopt Hone's notion then we are essentially accepting "English" law and adopting it and if we don't then the current law set down is what we will be burdened with.So are choices all relate to England being our leader in legal and moral issues.It's scary and doesn't really seem right to me.

  6. I tautoko Mr Hone Harawira's point…i think it'sa reachable goal and accommodates for Maori's and New Zealanders.

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