May 16, 2021

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MP Rahui Katene calls on MP Shane Jones to resign

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A press release was issued this afternoon in which Maori Party MP Rahui Katene called on Labour (LIST) MP Shane Jones to resign after his remarks on Radio NZ this morning. Jones was making reference to MP Pita Sharples earlier korero in which Dr Sharples spoke of being saddened by the Government’s decision not to include designated Maori seats on the Auckland super-city council, which he described as a missed opportunity.

He told Morning Report on Monday that the concept of one vote for one person is an artificial political concoction. Saying:

Because that’s just one model, if you like, of a democratic position. But, you see, I would have thought the essence of democracy is goals towards equity and those sort of goals that actually produce inclusiveness … I think that’s really the goal of democracy.”

In an interview following this, Mr Jones suggested that Dr Sharples suggestion was ridiculous, saying

The guy got into politics on the back of a one person, one vote system. What’s he going to replace it with? It’s more of this distracting rubbish that we hear from the Maori Party, because the deeper problem is their ability to deliver. They are up against some pretty powerful forces in the National Party.”

What Katene’s press release pointed out was the hypocrisy of Mr Jone’s crititcism pointing out the fact that,

… As a list MP, Mr Jones only got into Parliament on the back of a one person, two votes MMP system so he should be careful what he says.

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Ms Katene went on to say that “One person one vote is a good principle, if it works in practice. We are suggesting we make sure our electoral systems work democratically in New Zealands plural society. We welcome any challenges that might improve the system.

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