May 10, 2021

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Off the Hook Nationals coming to your Rohe

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National Primary Secondary Schools Talent Competitions 2010

Hip Hop Dance-Traditional Dance Rap /Beat Box – Song ASB Stadium Kohimarama Sat 9th October 2010

Regional Dates:

  • Northland : Saturday 14th August Forum North Whangarei
  • Christchurch : Saturday 17th July Venue tbc
  • Wellington : Saturday 10th July venue tbc
  • Auckland : Saturday 9th October ASB Stadium Kohimarama

You must have more than 4 groups to hold a regionals otherwise all qualify for Nationals.

Door entry:

  • Regionals $5.00 supporters $2.00 performers
  • Nationals $15.00 supporters $5.00 performers


  • No max numbers for performers
  • No swearing in music
  • Max 5 minute routine
  • Must be school age to be a performer U18 No Smoking/Drinking on site or during performances (Group may be disqualified)


  • Top Secondary School Hip Hop Performance Dance Battle Sections
  • Top Primary School Hip Hop Performance Dance Battle Sections -Top Song (solo-Group) -Top Beat Box- Rapper

Contact Person:


Te Kawe Ratu
Home : (07) 8546864
Work : (07) 8289013
Email : [email protected]

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