May 9, 2021

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Rangatahi shine in Taika Waititi’s film, BOY

2 min read for ages has been discussing interviewing the many stars of Taika Waititi’s film Boy. Well John Maslin from the W(h)anganui Chronicle beat us to it, so we thought we’d just pass it on!!

(John Maslin: W(h)anganui Chronicle) After four months of full-on filming, Haze Reweti has found it difficult readjusting to life as a Wanganui City College student.

BoyDallasCThe 14-year-old has a starring role in Taika Waititi’s latest film, Boy. He plays Boy’s best friend Dallas in a movie filmed entirely on the East Coast at a little place called Waihau Bay. Set in 1984, the film’s been touted as a coming-of-age tale about heroes, magic and Michael Jackson. Young Haze isn’t a stranger to movieland. He had the lead role in the short film Mokopuna, and that lead to another offer.

“The director called Taika [Waititi] and told him he needed to see Haze,” his father Steve said yesterday.

“He said to Haze would he like to be in the movie and Haze being Haze said ‘Give me a call’,” Mr Reweti said.

Haze had “lots of lines” to learn every night during the four months of filming. They worked from 9am-5pm Monday to Friday and got the weekends off, mainly because most of characters were children.

Mr Reweti, who works in the transportation side of the country’s film industry, was called by Waititi to play the leader of the “Nga Taniwha” gang.

“It’s a very clever film with heaps of Kiwi humour but there are parts of it that have a definite message,” he said.

As for future film roles for the City College kid?

“I don’t know,” Haze said. “I’ll just have to wait to get a call from my agency.”

“But I enjoyed the filming, It was as mean as.”

(Source | W(h)anganui Chronicle)

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