May 15, 2021

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Te Matarau to hold Whanau Ora conference in March 2010

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Te Matarau will be holding their 2010 conference in Whanganui.

Te Matarau’s strategic themes are:

  1. Ko te kai a te rangatira he k?rero (communication, profile, advise and respond)
  2. Ko te tohu a te rangatira he manaaki (advocate on behalf of a strong united membership)
  3. Ko te mahi a te rangatira he whakatira i tona iwi (strategic leadership and direction)
  4. Ma te huru ka rere te manu (generating revenue, sustainability and positioning towards the achievement of significant culture and business outcomes)

With this in mind the 2010 conference theme is “Working Together – the time is now”. The purpose of the conference is to bring together NGOs from across the sectors to discuss ways we can work together under a Whanau Ora kaupapa.

The date of the conference has changed. It is now 24-26 March, with the opportunity to arrive in Whanganui on the evening of 23 March and collect your registration pack.

The conference aims to showcase a number of pathways in which traditional/indigenous wellness services can be integrated into current western health and social service models of delivery.

The conference will host both international and local speakers and will seek input and discussion from government agencies and entrepreneurs on the various service models and business opportunities that NGOs are able to access to enhance their service and work closer with each other.

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